High-Voltage Power Transmission Networks



From the outset, the design and construction of high-voltage transmission networks have been core activities in EFLA operations, and the company has been involved in every project involving lines of 132 kV and above constructed in Iceland. At the same time, EFLA has played a key role in the construction of networks in locations ranging from Finland, France, Greenland, Norway and Sweden to the tropical climates of Africa and Asia, operating in a wide variety of challenging geographic and climatic conditions.

EFLA provides clients with a one-stop range of professional services and solutions relating to all aspects of engineering as applied to power transmission network design and construction based on local as well as international standards, including Celenec, Eurocode and ASCE. At the same time, contracts, tenders and other documents are prepared to FIDIC standards.

EFLA also has extensive experience in research and development relating to the design and construction of high-voltage networks, and has been a member of Cigré (International Council on Large Electric Systems) since 1998.

The company also played an active role in the development of the Celenec international standard through projects conducted in Iceland and Poland, and provides clients with extensive training in the use of design software

EFLA high-voltage transmission network services

  • Route planning and design, using ICEtow and other software
  • Ground and geotechnic surveys
  • Tower design and construction
  • Line calculations
  • Conductor, earthwire and insulator design
  • Mast design, using PLS TOWER/POLE, SAPS and MoDeSt software
  • Comprehensive expertise in all main design standards, including EC, ASCE, RTE, NS, PN and Celenec
  • Software development and training
  • Upgrade of older transmission networks
  • Electrical design of transmission lines up to 400 kV
  • Electrical design of underground cables up to 220 kV
  • Fibre-optic network design
  • Calculation of electrical fields and acoustics for high-tension transmission networks
  • Network stability assessments
  • Network quality assessments
  • Lightning and overload protection systems
  • Communications interference assessments
  • Substation, electrical equipment and structures design
  • Preparation of contracts, project descriptions and conditions to FIDIC standards
  • Environmental impact assessments
  • Visibility analysis, using VUE
  • Liaison with landowners and other interested parties
  • Organisation of public meetings and production of informational materials
  • Energy needs forecasts
  • IT solutions for network operations
  • Remote network monitoring systems


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