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The design stage is where Renewables First’s experience of constructing hydropower systems really starts to count. We know how to design things to simplify construction on-site, which leads to significant cost savings for you.

We split our hydropower design services into outline and detail design.  Outline design is completed to the same level of precision as detailed design, but it focuses on the physical shape and size of the system so that representative drawings can be produced to support the environmental and planning consent applications.

Once the various consents are secured the project moves onto the detailed design stage which focuses on the constructional details such as concrete reinforcement specification, foundation design and the design of the fabricated parts.

We use the latest 3D modelling software to construct the whole hydropower system ‘virtually’ before ground is broken; this means that design conflicts are identified and resolved early in the design process to avoid expensive on-site delays.

See the tabs below for more detailed information on our design services:

Outline designThis includes:

  • 3D topographical survey
  • Outline specification for foundations based on web-based geotechnical investigations
  • AutoCAD Civil 3D model of all concrete structures (turbine enclosure, intake & discharge systems etc.)
  • Initial fish pass design and specification (if applicable)
  • Outline specification of all hardware (turbine, screen cleaner etc.)
  • Outline specification of electrical and hydraulic systems
  • Site plans and general arrangement drawings
  • Design drawings to support consent applications

The detailed design builds on the already competed outline design.  The key components are:

  • The detailed design builds on the already competed outline design.  The key components are:
  • Specification procurement of any geotechnical investigations required
  • Design of foundations
  • Construction design of concrete structures including reinforcement design
  • Detail design and specification of all fabricated parts (intake screens, fish pass etc.)
  • Design and specification of on-site electrical systems
  • Design and specification of all hydraulic systems
  • Specification of all hardware (turbine, screen cleaner etc.)
  • Construction Method Statement
  • Fulfilling the ‘designers’ responsibilities under the CDM Regulations
  • Writing the tender package, obtaining and appraising quotes from civil engineering contractors
  • Construction-stage project plan

This is the full construction design and equipment specification, including all mechanical, electrical and civil engineering aspects.

The result is the construction design package which contains everything required to issue tenders for the civil engineering part of the installation phase and then go on to build it. It also includes the full hardware specification so that the turbine, screen cleaner and all of the ancillary parts can be ordered.

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