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Hydro power is a well established renewable energy power source. Hydroelectric generation is based on harnessing the power of flowing water through water turbines. From a climate change perspective, hydroelectricity in Europe is also a very low-impact technology, which produces no greenhouse gas emissions beyond the initial site construction.

There are a number of different configurations of plants used for hydro production. These include:

  • Reservoir based facilities involving a body of water being impounded behind a dam and released to generate electricity.
  • Low head 'run of river' facilities which generate electricity through the diversion of water from the main course to a generator.
  • High head 'run of river' facilities that generate electricity through the diversion of water from a high drop to a generator.

We are keen to grow and develop our hydro power portfolio as Infinis diversifies its portfolio of renewable generation activities. Our 17MW installed capacity of operating hydro sites in Wales, Scotland and England provides a solid foundation to grow this sector as well.

We are currently building an attractive pipeline of hydro feasibility and development projects, primarily located in Scotland and Wales.

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