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Hydropower Installation Services


One of the key strengths of Renewables First is that we don’t just do hydropower consenting and design, we install, commission and maintain hydropower systems as well. It is our all-round capability and expertise which has made us the UK leader.We use our own in-house project managers and installation engineers to manage the project from start to finish. We sub-contract the civil engineering works to local contractors, but oversee their work on-site to ensure everything is constructed in accordance with the design drawings. Most of the projects we work on are notifiable under the CDM Regulations, which we are fully familiar with as designers and contractors.

Due to the complex and unusual nature of hydropower systems we design, procure and install all of the fabricated parts ourselves (such as intake screens, debris flushing systems, walkways etc.). This ensures that what we supply works effectively, which is particularly important for complex automatically-cleaned intake and debris flushing systems.

Turbine installation and commissioning is another area where we use our own experienced staff to ensure that everything is installed meticulously to ensure a long and trouble-free life.

We use local sub-contractors to install the power electrical systems, but install the hydro system sensors and control systems ourselves due to their complexity. All setting-up and commissioning is carried out by our own experienced staff, including taking care of the grid connection and G59 commissioning.

Once operational we will train the client’s appointed person in how to operate the hydro system and will visit the site regularly over the first few months of operation to make adjustments as and where required, then will provide the on-going support and maintenance services required by the client.

Throughout the installation process the Renewables First Project Manager is the first point of contact for the client and will keep them up to date on progress.  The project manager will also liaise with the environmental regulator (EA / SEPA) as required, particularly in regard to temporary works and fish pass construction and commissioning.

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