Geothermal Resource Group Inc. (GRG)

Resource Quantification Services


Experts in resource assessment, GRG can design geothermal well testing, supervise flowing clean outs, and analyze results to quantify productivity. We provide computer reservoir modeling to evaluate resource capacity, estimate productive lifetime and determine optimal development strategy.

Well Testing - Geothermal well testing plays a key role during exploration drilling, production well drilling, well maintenance and geothermal field monitoring. We offer design, supervision and analysis of well testing to measure the capacity of the resource.

Well Test Analysis - Quick analysis of testing results with interpretation of down-hole, pressure-temperature data to assist operator management in real time decision making

Reservoir Modeling - Computer modeling of geothermal reservoir production and injection history to improve estimation of reserves and make better informed decisions regarding well field development

Resource Analysis And Quantification - Analysis aimed at gathering information on well characteristics and production potential as well as reservoir properties and conditions.

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