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Win more business and boost your performance using the power of the cloud. Scenario Services for SACS Wind Turbine Analysis: Achieve full design code compliance by considering all possible load scenarios in a fraction of the time it would take on your desktop. Using Scenario Services for SACS Wind Turbine, hundreds of load cases can be executed in parallel on the cloud. Achieve 10x or more time savings by leveraging the unlimited computing power of the cloud. stay connected wherever you go.

Mobile Services 
Creating, responding, and addressing RFIs and construction related issues just got easier with Structural Navigator Mobile App. Designed to work on your phone or tablet and on all major platforms, access to your design models and data is available when and how you need it. Direct integration to ProjectWise Projects allow easy access to your managed project content and issues. Use Structural Navigator to easily view, edit, interrogate, and mark-up your 3D designs, and stay connected wherever you go.

Extend your computing power beyond desktop
Analyze large and compute-intensive models on the latest version of the cloud using high-end hardware without consuming your desktops bandwidth. Full set of analysis and design outputs from your cloud analysis can be downloaded for detailed post-processing on the desktop.

Significantly reduce analysis time
Use the virtually unlimited computing power of Azure cloud and run hundreds of load cases in parallel, potentially reducing compute time by 10 times. Perform comprehensive analysis of all necessary load conditions in a fraction of the time it would have taken on a desktop or a local server.

View, query, and mark up structural 3D models using a mobile device
Navigate 3D models using zoom, rotate, pan, walk-through, and flyover commands and query members for all property values. Easily check for clashes between objects and add markups with status, due date, responsible party, and additional information.

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