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Our Turbine and Component Expertise DEWI offers one-stop safety and performance testing services for wind turbines and their components based on international and national standards and regulations (IEC 61400 series, MEASNET, FGW). We always work with each customer’s individual needs, and flexibly assist in Solutions that speed products to market.

Validation & Type Testing
Validation testing is the process in the overall product development process that helps verifying that the wind turbine (component) is implemented in reality as designed. Type testing in the context of wind turbine type certification, however, helps verifying that the wind turbine (component) is in compliance with relevant and defined standards and rules.
DEWI provides field and laboratory testing to acquire the data needed to verify wind turbine function, safety, structural integrity, power performance, power quality, and acoustic noise emission characteristics. Beside worldwide testing activities in customer prototypes DEWI operates two wind turbine test facilities offering favorable yearround wind conditions for the testing of small and large wind turbines for extended periods.

Mechanical Loads

When developing new wind turbines, extensive measurements of the mechanical loads acting on the prototypes during operation are indispensable. The results of these load measurements carried out by DEWI are used in the design validation and certification of wind turbine prototypes. DEWI offers load assessments according to IEC61400-13 or any customer specific scope on wind turbines and their components.

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