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Pumps are the single largest user of motive power in both industrial and commercial applications in the UK, accounting for over 30% of total power consumption within these sectors.

Pumps account for approximately 13% of the UK’s total annual electrical consumption. (BPMA Data), and energy consumption during operation has been identified as the most significant impact of pumps on the environment. In recent years, energy costs have become volatile with Oil, Gas and Coal prices at record levels. With this in mind, SPP Pumps has identified the need to operate pump systems more efficiently, and can realistically offer reductions in energy consumption and system running costs in excess of 20%.

Saving Costs, Saving Energy, Protecting the Environment
It is estimated that over 11 million electric motors with a total capacity of 90 GW are installed in UK industry – which represents about 40% of the UK’s total electricity consumption. With pumps contributing nearly a third of this consumption, there is considerable scope to reduce carbon emissions by improving pump system efficiency.

Minimise the Energy Consumption of Pumps
SPP Pumps Energy Division promotes the benefits of auditing complete pump systems, producing recommendations to minimise the energy consumption of pumps and their associated systems. Ongoing monitoring and validation of pump systems through their asset life by regular auditing will also be necessary to maintain energy reduction benefits.

Use our simple Savings Calculator to asses the annual savings you could make. We have based the results on a minimum of 10% cost saving over the year, but actual savings could realistically be in excess of 20%.

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SPP Pumps Energy - Savings Through Innovation
Through the use of proven systems and techniques, SPP Pumps Energy offers a complete energy saving solution for pumping systems that can be applied equally to new projects and existing installations.

Improving Pump Efficiency
It is clear that pump systems are heavy users of energy, especially large pumps that run continuously. Such pumps are generally oversized and operating far from their best efficiency points. They can suffer from poor pump intake conditions and inefficient running regimes - all wasting considerable amounts of energy. In order to save costs SPP Pumps Energy Division will undertake site audits focused on complete pump systems, ultimately producing a detailed report making recommendations for corrective action and clearly showing cost savings, kW/hr savings, payback time and CO2 reduction.

The SPP Pumps Energy Team is certified and accredited in the use of Pump System Assessment Tool (PSAT) – working to globally recognised standards set by American Department of Energy.

The team also operates within guidelines set by:

  • Government Legislation
  • BPMA
  • Carbon Trust
  • ISO BS EN etc
  • Insurance assessors – such as Lloyds, Beauro Veritas, LPC, CEMARS, Achillies etc

Services offered by the new division can include:

  • Site Survey/Audit (including equipment and operating regime)
  • Analysis by accredited engineers with Report (which will include recommendations for efficiency improvements)
  • Solutions – eg:
    • Operational recommendations
    • Training
    • Upgrade/ refurbish/replace pumps
    • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
    • System Modelling
  • Sustained improvements through Lowest Life Cycle cost.
    • Intrusive measurement (Thermodynamic)
    • Individual parameter measurement (Non intrusive - Ultrasonic)
    • Permanent or temporary installations
    • Pump and system performance log
  • Monitoring and Review
  • Pump Systems Management Contracts

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