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Technical Management Services



The technical and commercial management and administration of systems for generation, storage and distribution of renewable energies has been one of the core businesses of Energiequelle from the outset. Our expert, highly motivated and experienced operating management team are your guarantee for maximum availability of your renewable energy systems and that you do not have to bother with the commercial management side.

Our technical management services include:

  • Permanent monitoring of system operation, including standby service for fastest possible troubleshooting and emergency maintenance
  • Continuous contact with the hotlines of the various equipment manufacturers
  • Planning and controlling of all essential recurrent tests and checks (expertises, etc.)
  • Controlling of all servicing and maintenance work, incl. plausibility checks (invoices, etc.)
  • Routine visual inspections conducted by our own service engineers
  • Processing and coordination of any insurance claims (operators, wind turbine makers, insurers, expertises, etc.)
  • Maintenance of green areas

Reporting, including:

  • Continuous fetching of all data relevant to the wind turbine, storage of data in a vendor- independent database
  • Producing reports on yields, availability, operating hours, etc., including charts
  • Calculation of lost income as a result of plant failures, using reference data
  • System logbook for entire service life (all events are logged and recorded)

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