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Successful project delivery is at the heart of what we do, starting at the very earliest stages of a project.  We draw upon our expertise in the financial aspects of wind farm development, combined with our world-leading technical and environmental expertise, to reduce the development and planning risks and to help ensure that at the end of the development process, you have a consented and financially viable wind energy project.

SgurrEnergy’s wind energy feasibility services:

  • Identify development opportunities
  • Reduce development and planning risks at the earliest stages of a project
  • Maximise potential energy yield and financial attractiveness
  • Prevent unnecessary expenditure during the initial stages of a project

We provide a fully transparent service tailored to your needs and the size and scope of your project. SgurrEnergy recommends a staged approach to the feasibility, technical development and consenting phases of a wind farm development, which allows:

  • Key issues and risks to be identified and quantified
  • An informed a decision on whether to progress the project
  • More detailed work to be focussed on key risks, reducing overall development costs

To support wind energy projects from initial site identification through to the planning stages, SgurrEnergy’s specialist feasibility and development team provides a comprehensive and flexible package of consultancy services:

Site selection

  • Potential site identification
  • Selection and screening studies


  • Site wind resource
  • Investigation of key technical, environmental and planning constraints including noise, access and electricity grid constraints
  • Geographic Information System (GIS) based constraint maps
  • Candidate turbines and preliminary layout design
  • Preliminary energy yield and financial modelling

Detailed renewable energy feasibility study

  • Wind resource modelling and preliminary energy yield estimates based on sophisticated mesoscale weather models and local data sources
  • Detailed assessment of key technical, environmental and planning risks, including:
    • Shadow flicker modelling
    • Noise modelling and background noise measurement
    • Visualisations (Zone of Theoretical Visual Influence (ZTVI), wireframe and photomontages)
    • 3D visualisations and fly-through animations
    • Transport and access, including swept path analysis and route inspection
    • Telecommunications
    • Grid connection
    • Steep slopes analysis
  • Consultation with stakeholders and planning authorities
  • Project design and layout optimisation
  • Detailed financial modelling

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