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Enerit ISO 50001 Manager Pro: Combines all the energy saving benefits enjoyed by users of Enerit Systematic Energy Manager software with a robust management system to deliver a powerful end to end systematic energy management solution. Provides complete coverage of the ISO 50001 for organizations who are seeking certification or for those who are pursuing the level of energy saving generated by best practice energy management. Enables the user to implement an ISO 50001 style energy management system across one or multiple sites without the requirement for an existing internal management system. Integrates with existing monitoring and targeting software

Upgrade to Enerit ISO 50001 Manager Pro to Gain the Following Exclusive Add-Ons

  • Audit management – both energy and  management system audits – with triggering of action through workflow
  • Corrective and preventative actions (CAPA) with workflow through to completion
  • Document management with workflow for sign-off and issue
  • Record legal requirements, energy policy,  implementation guidelines, operational guidelines, employee energy training records and internal & external communication

Plus Users Enjoy All the Benefits of Enerit Systematic Energy Manager

  • One “Go-To” location for all information related to your organization’s energy management, accessible anytime on any PC, laptop or tablet
  • Instantly visualize organization wide energy performance on Enerit’s intuitive dashboard for one or multiple sites
  • Have a top-down view using powerful interactive graphics to show energy flow from energy sources to significant energy uses (SEU’s) within a plant or building via a Sankey interface.
  • Add improvement opportunities and visually see the energy and cost saving impact on the organization
  • Create a dynamic and shareable action plan (with workflow) complete with energy objectives and targets
  • Assign actions and target dates to energy team members ensuring no action points are lost
  • Capture inputs and outputs of energy team and management review meetings ensuring each action is assigned an owner through workflow
  • Record performance indicator data and present engaging EnPI report charts

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