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- Version EVCCA- SW - Electric Cars Charging Software


EVCCA is flexible energy manager for electric vehicle charging stations enabling to overcome electricity grid stability limitations, that charging services have to deal with. It enables the implementation of charging stations in busy down-town areas, public buildings and remote rural zones. EVCCA assures the better charging service to EV drivers and minimize the impact on electric grid.

EVCCA proposes intelligent distribution of charging process on different charging stations to assure the charging of present vehicles and to foresee the arrival of new electric vehicles in respect to the actual electric grid. As the solution improves the electricity grid stability, it analyzes the smart grid collection point, maximum subscribed power and other factors. Additionnaly, as the presence of renewable energies has a strong impact on the smart grid stability, it enables the encouragement process to the EV drivers, proposing benefits during the period for charging when renewable electricity production is high.

Promotion of service in the off-peak hours, what lowers the energy price for energy sourcing manager

  • In integration with third-party mobility systems, EVCCA informs EV about a charging posibility and is able to alert client about charging time available
  • Proposes intelligent distribution of charging process on different charging stations
  • Electric vehicles parc management
  • Private network energy management system
  • Ideal to complete existing mobility services systems

Benefit for Charging services providers, EV drivers and private networks 

Prevision based charging shedules help to optimize the electric vehicles charging without electricity outages in private networks. EV drivers, who need to charge their vehicles can find and reserve their charging station. Evcca integrates multiple third-party software solution and extentions for specific use cases.

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