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  • Renewable Energy is Vital for National Security and Financial Stability

    A Tipping Point, Part 2“Follow the money,” Deep Throat tells Bob Woodward in All The President’s Men. That approach often works for investigators – and for investors. But sometimes it can backfire dramatically, as when all Wall Street flocked to overpriced derivatives that collapsed in 2008.Now, some le


  • The Biggest Obstacle to enjoying the Hong Kong Skyline

    One of Hong Kong’s biggest tourist attractions is its famed skyline. With the density of picturesque skyscrapers both on the main island and in the neighboring Kowloon, this little city has one of the most impressive and recognizable skylines ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Numerically Optimized Cyclone

    Numerically Optimized Cyclone

    Hurricanes are optimized cyclone collectors, considering how interparticle agglomeration affects particle collection efficiency. The Traditional Approach: Since the first patent was issued in 1886, cyclones have been generally designed and improved by empirical means. Building a reliable efficiency prediction method is very difficult due to the modeling complexity, since these pieces of equipment ...


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  • Sustainable District Energy Conference

    Sustainable District Energy Conference

    District Cooling and Heating: Countries consider how to meet their commitments and goals regarding climate change district heating and cooling has become a major consideration in lowering carbon emissions. Approximately 50% of energy consumption in the EU comes from space heating and cooling. Heating represents the largest part of this load and by transitioning away from fossil fuels towards ...

US Biogas 2019

Sep. 30rd - Oct. 1th | San Diego

Sustainable District Energy Conference

Oct. 22rd - 24th | Reykjavik