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  • Hydrogen as Future Fuel for Gas Engines

    Hydrogen as Future Fuel for Gas Engines

    Gas engines are providing a wide range of fuel flexibility from burning natural gas and a variety of non- natural gaseous fuels from low British Thermal Unit (BTU) gases as well as gases containing a high hydrogen content. Hydrogen containing gases can be found as by-product f

  • Fuel Production

    Fuel Production

    In the processing of regenerative energy carriers like biofuel, wood, waste fraction with high heat value, or animal meal to synthetic gas, the carbon dioxide has to be removed. The gas is forwarded ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Vehicle Fueling System

    Vehicle Fueling System

    The FuelTrak Vehicle Fueling System (VFS) is designed to allow automatic and precise fuel delivery to vehicles under test on a chassis dynamometer or transmission test facility. The system is suitable for most fuels – gasoline, alcohol and diesel/biofuel fuel types. FuelTrak VFS incorporates one of our precision fuel flow meters to monitor the fuel ...