OJSC Power Machines

OJSC Power Machines is the leading Russian producer and supplier of end-to-end products and solutions for the power-plant industry, including engineering, production, supply, assembly, service and equipment upgrades for thermal, nuclear, hydraulic and gas-turbine power plants.

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25A, Protopopovsky pereulok, , Moscow , 129090 Russia

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Water and Wastewater
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Globally (various continents)
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The Company has manufactured equipment with a combined capacity of 300,000 MW, which is installed and is successfully operating in 57 countries across the world. More than 2,700 steam turbines, 2,550 turbo-power generators, 700 hydraulic turbines and 600 hydro-power generators have been produced.

The Company takes the 4th position in the world by volume of installed equipment.

Key challenges faced by the Company include the retrofitting and development of our production facilities, acquisition of new technologies and carrying out R&D activities, introduction of advanced business and management processes, enhancement and expansion of our product range in order to create competitive products and extend our sales markets.

OUR MISSION – To provide reliable and efficient comprehensive solutions to meet needs of the global energy system by continuously improving our technology and business processes.

OUR VISION – To have the lead on the power engineering market in Russia and the CIS and to be a key player on the global market.


Attention to clients. The Company exists only thanks to its clients. We as an organization and  individual employees respect and appreciate both our external and internal сlients. Under our internal сlients we understand our colleagues, employers and the manager as well. Under our external сlients we undrestand not only the consumers of our end products, but also our partners, suppliers and other interested parties we interact with. We thoroughly study their demands and promptly respond to their needs. We develop along with them, for them, faster than them to exceed their expectations, anticipate and meet their future demands. It is the clients, who we build new production facilities, launch new products, improve our technologies, processes and raise our service level for.

Efficiency and promptness. This is the capability and aspiration “to quickly and correctly do the right things” from the first time. This is the ability to flexibly and promptly react to a changing situation by using resources most efficiently, by doing only those things that we do best of all, striving to achieve a balance of short- and long-term results. Everyone has the right to make a mistake, but it must not be repeated. We endeavor to learn not only from the successes and mistakes of our organization, teams and employees, but, first of all, to take into consideration the experience of others as well. We openly share our successes and lessons we learned with each other.  We make every effort to achieve the best result, to introduce innovations and adopt lasting improvements, to make appropriate and timely decisions based on the best practices, outperforming them and establishing new ones.

Innovation. We aspire to the best result, to implement innovations and constant improvements, make appropriate and timely decisions based on the best practices outperforming them and establishing new ones. We must anticipate the client’s demand and offer new solutions and products. We must implement innovations and enhance our technologies and production processes.

Safety. We proceed from the premise that no goal can justify violation of labor safety requirements or disregard for the life and health of people. We create and maintain safe working conditions and care about our employees' health. We seek to prevent environmental pollution, to use consumed energy and natural resources in a cost efficient and rational way.

Teamwork. We are a team of associates who share common values: Each of us makes a contribution to the elaboration of corporate and team goals and finding ways to successfully achieve them. Together we work out and respect regulations, roles and rules of conduct. Our actions are based on trust, mutual support and responsibility for making and implementing team decisions. We effectively tackle difficult situations for the benefit of our organization, teams and employees. We use the potential and professionalism of all our team members, give them the opportunity to do what they can do best every day. We periodically evaluate our team performance and progress, participate in the development of improvement plans and take responsibility for the actions to increase the team performance and commitment.

Respect for people. Creating an attractive workplace and atmosphere depends on joint efforts of the organization as a whole, as well as managers and individual employees. Together we create decent working conditions and stable employment. We provide the opportunity and the authority to solve interesting issues which are important both to our business and employees. We thank, fairly appraise and reward employees for the result. We take into consideration and appreciate the contribution, talents, peculiarities and opinions of each member with respect to the common goals of our team and organization as a whole. We create appropriate conditions and encourage development, taking the lead and responsibility, as well as promotion within the company. We fulfill the undertaken  obligations, create and promote an atmosphere of mutual respect, tolerance and support.

Power Machines’ senior executives realize the necessity of providing sustainable labor conditions for personnel, improving quality of their lives, and creating a consistent working environment. To achieve this, the Company attaches much significance to the maintenance of the existing social infrastructure. Catering and health care facilities, recreation centers and children's holiday camps operate effectively and render quality services. To encourage a healthy lifestyle among the Company’s employees, relevant corporate events are arranged on a regular basis (e.g. health days, soccer and volleyball tournaments), while the Company’s branches also hold multi-sport Spartakiad competitions.

Power Machines’ health care centers carry out medical examinations of workers exposed to occupational hazards. Programs for medical service and health resort treatment are financed from the Company's own funds and employees’ contributions as well as through the state-sponsored social insurance system.

Another important focus area for Power Machines is a unified communication policy designed to enable the prompt provision of relevant information about main corporate events to the Company's employees. Power Machines' corporate newspaper, a radio broadcast network, and a well-developed system of display stands located at personnel gathering points all serve this purpose.