Solar Energy Systems

Solar Energy Systems

Solar Energy Systems expertise lies with solar water heating and solar photovoltaic electricity (PV) installations. Solar water heating is the name given to the process where we use the power of the sun to heat up your hot water. Solar photovoltaic electricity (PV) is the process where we use panels made of a solar photovoltaic material that generates electricity. This will naturally reduce heating bills and running electricity costs of your home and your dependency on gas/electricity. At the same time you`ll also be safe in the knowledge that you`re doing your bit to save the environment.

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4 Ross Street, Dunfermline , Fife , Scotland KY12 0AN United Kingdom

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Service provider
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Energy - Solar Power
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Internationally (various countries)
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The company was formed in the early 80's by a member of the Scottish Solar Energy group committee - Jim Norris. It is a small business based in Fife, Scotland and with it's first solar water heating installation in 1981 - making a successfull life span of over 25 years - we must be doing something right.

What solar heating services do we offer?

  • Solar Energy Systems offer a bespoke solar water heating or solar electricity PV installation into any property.
  • A solar water heating installation could range from heating the hot water for your domestic home through to heating a swimming pool.
  • A solar photovoltaic electricity (PV) installation could earn you up to £700 per year, tax free, index linked for 25 years due to a governmental incentive of feed in tariffs.
  • We also install Solar Slate air heating systems. This is an innovative way of utilising solar energy in a practical and cost-effective way to help make properties warmer, drier and fresher.
  • Of course there is even an oppertunity to combine all solar systems to truly reduce your dependancy on elecritcity and gas and save money in an environment where bills only seem to go up.

Please take a look around the site, it will give you some information and ideas about how solar water heating, solar photovoltaic electicity (PV) and solar air heating all works.


The sun is an inexhaustible, secure and free source of energy. It delivers sunshine in such quantities that it could meet the entire world's demand for energy many times over. As much solar energy falls on the earth in one hour as the world consumes in the course of a whole year. Even in cloudy northern countries there is more than enough solar energy to meet the demand - the total falling on the UK over a year, for example exceeds over one hundred times the country's current annual requirement for delivered energy.

In today’s climate we are in a world that is very aware of our energy usage and carbon footprint. This is also reinforced with the fact that we are also seeing unprecedented and unpredictable costs of fuel. (oil/gas/electricity)

Utilising modern technology, solar is a clean source of energy that we can use and adapt to work alongside other forms of heating.

ISO 9001, REAL Assurance and MCS
Solar Energy Systems is one of the few Scottish solar installation companies that are accredited by the REAL assurance Scheme and the Microgeneration Certificate Scheme (MCS). We are also accredited with the Moody International quality management standards ISO 9001 (2008 Revision).