Hydropower Operations

Articles & Whitepapers

  • P6 Mobile Billboard LED Advertising Trucks

    P6 Mobile Billboard LED Advertising Trucks

    LED advertising vehicles are the accompanying products after the rise of the LED industry. The mobile led advertising trailer is a new type of communication media that combines organic integration of automobiles and large LED displays, three-dimensional video animation, rich and varied content, real-time display of graphic and text information, and mobile advertising. Generally used for product ...

  • Medway hydro - Case study

    n operation since 1923, the Medway Hydroelectric Project is a run-of-river generating facility located on the Penobscot River in Medway, Maine. The plant was restored by Black Bear Hydro Partners LLC ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Hydro Turbine (100-2000kW)

    Hydro Turbine (100-2000kW)

    It is  widely used in hydro power stations with the head of 6--30 meters. It is suitable for hydro power resource of low water head and high flow, there are two types: fixed blade. and adjustable blade type. The fixed blade type is suitable for hydropower station with small capacity, the range is between 70. to percent, the adjustable blade type is larger with range between 30 to 100 ...