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  • Mechanical Principle of Power Press Machine

    Mechanical Principle of Power Press Machine

    The power press machine is driven by a motor through a transmission mechanism to exert technological force on the workpiece. The transmission mechanism is the deceleration mechanism of belt transmission and gear transmission, and the working mechanism is divided into screw mechanism, crank connecting rod mechanism

  • Boom Lift Trucks

    Boom lift truck is widely used in highways, boatyards shopping walls, stadiums, dock, station, marketplaces, gymnasiums and residential property, workshop, residential property, mining workshops and ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Brake Control System

    Brake Control System

    The Hilliard BBH2 Power Unit incorporates an engineered hydraulic circuit to control the brake torque during a typical stop. Large capacity hydraulic accumulators provide additional volume for precise control of brake pressure. Equipped with manual overrides and hand pump for power outages, high pressure filtration and control braking mode to meet sophisticated braking system applications.


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  • HYDRO - 2019

    HYDRO - 2019

    The HYDRO 2019 Technical Exhibition will showcase more than 180 companies active in the fields of hydropower and dam engineering. All refreshment breaks will take place in the exhibition area, and a Networking Evening will take place on Tuesday 15 October, with late opening of the Exhibition to give all attendees an additional chance to visit companies and forge new business links in an informal ...

HYDRO - 2019

Oct. 13rd - 15th | Porto