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In ACCIONA we are experts in the design, construction and operation of large biomass plants for the large-scale generation of electricity. We were pioneers in southern Europe when we grid connected a biomass plant at Sangüesa (Navarra, Spain) in 2002, a 30.2 MW facility that has been a benchmark in the sector ever since.

The construction of another two plants in Spain, one of them the first in Europe equipped to use herbaceous and ligneous biomass, has boosted our know-how, particularly in relation to the logistical aspects involved in the supply or raw materials. Apart from its renewable nature, generation with biomass is a means of developing the rural world, of structuring the territory, of valorizing agricultural resources and of fighting forest fires, among other things.


ACCIONA Energy is present in the biomass field with three plants that burn straw totaling 61 MW, all of them located in Spain. They are: Sangüesa (Navarra), in service since 2002 and Briviesca (Burgos) and Miajadas (Cáceres), which came on stream in September and November 2010 respectively. They are all reference plants in the development of biomass for electricity generation in southern Europe. The plants mentioned above process around 400,000 metric tons of cereal straw and other agricultural residue per year, to produce electricity equivalent to the consumption of around 140,000 homes without increasing CO2 emissions.


The advantage of generating electricity from biomass, apart from its renewable nature, is due to its manageability thanks to a stable flow of raw material that is not subject to variable circumstances such as adverse weather conditions. ACCIONA’s biomass plants generate around 400 GWh per year, equivalent to the electricity consumption of around 118,000 homes, avoiding the emission of some 384,000 metric tons of CO2 from coal-fired power stations in the process. There is a neutral balance of CO2 emissions from biomass plants because it is equivalent to the amount absorbed by the plants used as raw material.

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