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Coal Power Plant equipment

  • Coal-fired Power Plants

    Tractebel Engineering has many years’ of experience in both Pulverized Coal technology CFPPs – from Subcritical to today’s state-of-the-art Ultra-Super-Critical, between 50 and 1000 megawatt – and Circulating Fluidized Bed Technology (CFBT) CFPPs up to 300 megawatt.

    By TRACTEBEL ENGINEERING S.A. based in Brussels, BELGIUM. from Energy - Thermal Product line

  • Coal Fired Power Plants

    A coal-fired power station is a special form of the steam power plant which is beaconed with coal. It turns the chemical energy in coal into electrical energy. There are power stations for brown coal and for black coal. In many countries, such plants provide most of the electrical energy used. Fossil-fuel power stations have rotating machinery to ...

    By Tuba Turbine GmbH based in Frankfurt am Main, GERMANY.

  • Novinda - Model AS-Ox - Operators of Coal-fired Power Plants

    Novinda’s latest product, AS-Ox, offers operators of coal-fired power plants that burn PRB or bituminous coal and inject halogens (CaCl2 and/or CaBr2) to oxidize vapor-phase mercury an effective, economical and non-corrosive way to remove mercury.

    By Novinda Corp. based in Denver, COLORADO (USA).

  • Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems - EPC Turnkey Plants for Coal Fired Power Plants

    Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Europe GmbH’s work & services include complete turnkey plants (EPC) based on fossil fuels. Its most recent references feature the Walsum 10 coal power plant (Germany), which was placed into service at the end of 2013, and the Kozienice 11 (Poland) and Ptolemaida V (Greece) power plant projects currently ...

    By Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems, Ltd. (MHPS) based in Lake Mary, FLORIDA (USA).

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    Electricity from Gas-Powered Generators

    Through on-going investment in research and development GE's gas engines remain market leaders in the gas engine field. The engines are highly efficient at the conversion of the energy within gas into useful electrical power. In the event that there is a local use for hea

    By Clarke Energy based in Liverpool, UNITED KINGDOM. from Power Product line

  • Columbia Steel - B&W MPS Coal Puluverizer Wear Parts

    Columbia wear tires are cast of our J series high chromium alloy iron, fully heat treated. The bore is accurately tool-machined for excellent fit. We can provide standard bore wear tires, as well as custom bore tires to the diameter you specify. In either case, you are ensured the right fit and prompt delivery.

    By Columbia Steel Casting Co., Inc. based in Portland, OREGON (USA). from Coal Fired Power Plants Product line

  • Columbia Steel - Wear Parts for EL Pulverizers

    Superior wear part performance for EL 64, EL 70 and EL 76 coal pulverizers. Top and bottom grinding rings; These large parts are cast of our J5 high chromium alloy iron, fully heat treated in computer controlled furnaces, and machined to exacting specifications using special techniques.

    By Columbia Steel Casting Co., Inc. based in Portland, OREGON (USA). from Coal Fired Power Plants Product line

  • PentoMag - Model 2550 - Coal Slagging (fouling) System

    PentoMag 2550 is an additive to prevent coal slagging (fouling). The term 'slagging' is understood as formation of hard, sticky deposits covering evaporator and super-heater heat exchange tubes inside the furnace. Usually the slagging starts on the firebox tubes or around the burners, then, once a first layer has formed, fouling occurs rapidly as ...

    By Pentol-Enviro AG based in Basel, SWITZERLAND. from Coal Fired Power Plants Product line

  • Pentol - Power Plant SO3 Monitoring System

    In power generation SO3 measurements provide data to allow the operator to burn fuel in the most efficient way to minimize corrosion of the plant and limit acid discharges to the environment. Monitoring of SO3 is also important where it is formed as a by-product, e.g. in De-NOx systems.In processes where H2SO4 is used or ore with lar

    By Pentol-Enviro AG based in Basel, SWITZERLAND. from Coal Fired Power Plants Product line

  • power plant boiler - Circulating fluidized bed power plant boiler

    Product Category : Steam BoilerType: ZGCapacity: 35~410t/hPressure: 3.82~13.7MpaTemperature: 450~540℃Fuel: Bituminous coal, anthracite coal, lignite coal, etc.Overview:The circulating fluidized bed power plant boiler is a kind of CFB boiler, which takes the principle of stationary design and circulating fluidized bed map as the guide, the theory ...

    By Zhengzhou Boiler Co., Ltd. (ZBG) based in Zhengzhou, CHINA.

  • coal steam boiler - SHL Coal Fired Steam Boiler

    Product Category : Steam BoilerType: SHLCapacity: 6~75t/hPressure: 1.25~2.5MpaTemperature: 194~400℃Fuel: Anthracite coal, Bituminous coal, etc.Overview:SHL Series Field Assemble Chain Grate Boiler is the fourth generation of chain grate boiler developed by ZG Boiler, which adopted the latest combustion theory product of Xi'an Jiaotong University. ...

    By Zhengzhou Boiler Co., Ltd. (ZBG) based in Zhengzhou, CHINA.

  • SecoLAB - Model FGD - Semi-Dry Power Plant

    Semi-dry FGD is the best economical concept for industrial and utilities boilers using coal as fuel. It is a dry SecoLAB process consisting in a conditioning tower, a LABloop™ dry reactor, a fabric filter with residues recirculation and humidification in the ActiLAB screw reactor. Sodium Bicarbonate, quick or hydrated lime may be used as ...

    By LAB SA based in LYON CEDEX 07, FRANCE. from Power Plant Product line

  • Coal

    Coal is a combustible sedimentary rock made up mostly of carbon. It is a fossil fuel that is abundant throughout the United States. Its origins began millions of years ago and are the altered remains of prehistoric vegetation that accumulated over time. These prehistoric plants were buried with the solar energy they once absorbed and over time the ...

    By Oxbow Carbon LLC based in West Palm Beach, FLORIDA (USA). from Energy Products Product line

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    KAHL - Wood Pelleting Plants

    KAHL WOOD PELLETING - A high quality awareness establishes KAHL on the wood pellet market. For more than 30 years Kahl has dealt with this product and can offer a sophisticated process for the production of high-quality pellets with very good combustibility, now.

    By Amandus Kahl GmbH & Co. KG based in Reinbek, GERMANY. from Pelleting of Biomass - Machines/Plants Product line

  • Pro2 - Mine Gas

    Mine gas is produced both in operative and inoperative areas of coal mines. Its main components are methane, carbon dioxide and nitrogen. There are an estimated 1.5-1.7 billion m³ of mine gas in Germany. The most important coal mining regions in Germany are located in North Rhine Westphalia and Saarland.

    By Pro2 Anlagentechnik GmbH based in Willich, GERMANY. from Co-Generation Power Plants Product line

  • Solar Thermal Add-Ons/Combined Systems

    The principle of solar thermal add-ons combines a solar thermal collector field with an already-existing conventional power plant. The fuel of the power plant could also be provided by another renewable energy source (like biomass) or even nuclear, but the highest potential for these applications exists in installations using fossil fuels such as ...

    By Sustainable Heat & Power Europe GmbH based in Grabow, GERMANY. from Solar Thermal Power Plants Product line

  • Steam Power Plants

    In steam power plants, the thermal energy contained in water vapour is used to power a steam turbine which in turn drives the generator. In the process, conventional fuels such as oil, natural gas, hard coal or brown coal are used to fire the steam boiler. In coal-fired power plants, coal is the only fuel used, whereas waste incineration ...

    By Sauer Compressors based in Stevensville, MARYLAND (USA). from Power Generation Product line

  • OG Power - Combined Heat and Power Generation Systems

    A combined heat and power module is the ideal solution for everyone seeking to reduce energy costs in the long term and free themselves of rising electricity prices. As a pioneer, innovator working with leading manufacturers of decentralised energy generation systems using combined heat and power (CHP) in the world, OG Power work with companies ...

    By OG Power based in UNITED KINGDOM.

  • MWM Gas Generator Sets

    Combined heat and power (CHP) plants with MWM engines: The MWM gas engines perfectly convert the natural gas energy into power and heat providing the electrical efficiency of gas aggregates with more than 40% and the total efficiency with approx. 90%. We offer the gas aggregates (combined heat and power plants) in power range from 400 up to 2000 ...

    By Vado Engineering GmbH based in Krems a. d. Donau, AUSTRIA. from Power Plants (CHP) Product line

  • ST - Coal Burning Power Producer

    Separation Technologies delivers commercially proven, flexible, least-risk technology for processing coal fly ash without the considerable cost of added combustion. No added emissions mean no future uncertainty in permitting or in regulatory compliance. Our proprietary electrostatic separation system offers a cleaner, emission-and chemical-free ...

    By Separation Technologies LLC. based in Roanoke, VIRGINIA (USA).

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