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BIPV (Building Integrated Photovoltaic) glass has a dual role, forming part of the outer structure (glazing) of the building, while at the same time generating electricity. As such, it can replace structural elements (e.g. roofing) instead of being added on to them. BIPV glass in the form of laminated assemblies incorporates either photovoltaic cells or an ultra-thin organic film (opaque or semi-transparent), capable of generating electricity. The high-reflection, high-strength AGC mirror glass can be tailored to the needs of solar power stations.

SunEwat is the only product range in AGC’s portfolio which produces energy. By embedding photovoltaic cells between two sheets of glass, this range of laminated safety glass maximises a building’s ability to produce the same amount of energy as it consumes. Bringing the best of the worlds of design and function together, modules can be designed with limitless aesthetic possibilities and achieve the highest energy production for seamless integration into buildings. And since this product replaces instead of adding to a structure, it is also cost-effective.

  • Installed power is maximised to produce more electricity as all building facades can be used
  • Adjust light transmission by changing the distance between cells
  • Performs at high temperatures even in non-ventilated spandrels

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