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Solar Power equipment

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    Grande - Model ACU-SOL - Solar Powered Regulator System

    The ACU-SOL Solar Powered Regulator System is designed to maintain a constant and accurate flow (+/- 5%) from a minimum of 32 gpm (2 L/s) to a maximum of 4 000 gpm (250 L/s) for upstream water levels varying from 0 to 40 feet (12 m). The ACU-SOL Solar Powered Regulator has been used for flow control in combined sewer systems (CSO), sanitary sewer ...

    By Grande Water Management Systems based in Laval, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Flow Regulation Product line

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    Bird-Zap - Solar Powered Chargers

    Turn the Power On and the Birds are Gone! Bird Zap Shock Track solar powered chargers are available in several sizes and capabilities. Ideal for remote or isolated Bird Zap Shock Track instalaltions. Multiple uses.

    By Nixalite of America Inc. based in East Moline, ILLINOIS (USA). from Bird Control Products - Bird-Zap Shock Track Product line

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    Tiger - Solar Powered Water Treatment System

    Package Contains: 250 Watt X 30 Volt @8.X Amp Solar Panel. Solar Charge Controller. Tiger WS-BDC-400 24V Solar Pump. UVB1-EPCB.

    By Water Services Inc. based in Provo, UTAH (USA). from Tiger Pumps - Solar Pumps Product line

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    NivuLog SunFlow - Self-Sufficient, Solar-Powered Flow Measurement Station

    The NivuLog SunFlow is a self-sufficient, solar-powered flow measurement station independent from mains power with integrated GPRS data transmission. The discontinuous flow measurement is suited for slight to heavy polluted media in open channels, flumes as well as in part filled and full pipes. The NivuLog SunFlow is designed for flow ...

    By NIVUS GmbH based in Eppingen, GERMANY. from Permanent Flow Monitoring Product line

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    NivuLog Easy Sun - Autarcic GPRS Data Logger Solar Power Supply

    NivuLog Easy SUN is a fully equipped data transmission unit in a stable solar pane enclosure. Protected by armoured glass, the built-in rechargeable battery is charged using a photovoltaic system to provide power supply even during months with low sunlight. The switchable sensor power supply allows to directly supply sensors. No additional ...

    By NIVUS GmbH based in Eppingen, GERMANY. from Data Technology - Data Recording & Acquisition Product line

  • Arzon Solar - Model uM6 - Solar Power Generator

    The Arzon Solar uM6 is a fully integrated, easy-to-install CPV solar power generator designed for robust and reliable solar power electricity generation for commercial / industrial & parking lot applications. The uM6 can be shipped anywhere in the world and offers more power per surface area than any other PV system on the market. uM6 is ...

    By Arzon Solar LLC based in Seal Beach, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Model PO - Solar Power Optimizers

    The Femtogrid Solar Power Optimizer is a DC/DC converter per module which maximizes solar energy generated per system by performing Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) per module. Femtogrid Solar Power Optimizers can boost the total solar energy produced up to 30%. Femtogrid Solar Power Optimizers measure the power and the energy produced per ...

    By Femtogrid Energy Solutions BV based in Aalsmeer, NETHERLANDS. from Power Optimizer Product line

  • Model CSP - Concentrating Solar Power Technology

    Solar-thermal technology allows electricity to be generated in a manageable way while also offering huge possibilities for cost reductions in the near future.

    By Abengoa based in Palmas Altas, SPAIN. from Solar Electricity Product line

  • Solar Powered Water Pump

    Our solar powered water pumping system provides an economic solution for fulfilling the water needs across India’s many market segments. The most significant, immediately realizable benefit is the reduction in fuel/electricity costs. Ideal uses for the solar powered water pump would be for pumping water in rural, off-grid locations – ...

    By Kirloskar Integrated Technologies Limited based in Kothrud, INDIA. from Solar Energy Product line

  • Model GS-SP-0.6KW - Off-Grid Solar Power System

    Off-grid solar power system is exclusively designed and produced for mountainous areas, islands, prairie, fishing boats, aquaculture, forest areas, border posts, field training, railway , roadsides and other none or short of electricity areas, and groups, families and units that support environmental protection and using green and clean energy

    By Greensky Power Company Limited based in Hangzhou, CHINA. from Solar Power System Product line

  • Solar Power Flow Monitoring System

    Beautiful and ECHO DESIGN flow monitoring system for water supply in cities. This system only use SOLAR POWER and CDMA modem for data communification.

    By JAIN Technology Co., Ltd. based in Seoul, SOUTH KOREA. from Solar Power Flow System Product line

  • Grid Connected Solar Power Systems

    High output stability and effective continuous energy production of our solar installations guarantee high solar power yields. Benefit from our longtime experience, system expertise and trained specialized installers.

  • AXI - Model SFM-1080 - Solar Powered Fuel Maintenance System

    The SFM Series Solar Powered Intelligent Fuel Maintenance System is designed to optimize and maintain diesel fuel indefinitely by removing particulate and water in stored fuel. Powered by a solar panel, this innovative process stabilizes diesel and bio-fuels, eliminates microbial contamination, and ensures clean reliable fuel at all times.

    By AXI International based in Fort Myers, FLORIDA (USA). from Solar Powered Fuel Maintenance Systems Product line

  • PTL Solar - Solar Residential Power Systems

    Solar Residential Power Systems have the potential to replace fossil fuel-based energy as the most prevalent way of powering individual homes. The free and inexhaustible power of sunlight makes it a far superior home-powering fuel, and it gradually becoming an affordable one! The most important thing about home solar power systems, in other words, ...

    By PTL Solar, LLC based in Dubai, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES.

  • Concentrated Solar Power Plants

    Concentrated solar power plants currently rely on molten salt technology for storing thermal energy. But this is a complex and costly technology. EnergyNest offers promising solution for cost reduction. Parabolic trough plants operating with thermal oil (such as Dowtherm A and Therminol VP-1) will benefit from up to 60% lower CAPEX and up to 75% ...

    By EnergyNest AS based in Billingstad, NORWAY.

  • Solar Power Generator

    Sizes from 600 Watts - 120 Volt AC to 3000 Watts - 120/240 Volt AC  Larger Units Available

    By Ideal Environmental Products & Services based in Gilroy, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • SonicSolutions® Solar Power Systems

    SonicSolutions® has solar power systems designed to operate with its three 24 volt models. Solar units are custom-sized based on your unit’s location and climatic conditions. Our sales reps can assist you in choosing the appropriate size and location for your solar unit.

    By SonicSolutions Algae Control based in Hadley, MASSACHUSETTS (USA).

  • Solar Power Plants

    21st CENTURY ENVIRO ENGINEERS PVT. LTD. is a Company dealing in the field of Environmental Engineering related activities, We are fully integrated solar integrated solution from Solar Photovoltaic cells to module, subsystems, systems, installation, commissioning, maintenance, service and monitoring. The company differentiates itself in the market ...

    By 21st Century Enviro Engineers Pvt. Ltd. based in Chandigarh, INDIA.

  • Solar Powered Water Pump

    Our client, the Totnes Allotment Society, needed up to 4,000 litres of water a day to be pumped from a stream at the bottom of the plot into header tanks at the top. A grid connection was prohibitively expensive.

    By Beco Ltd based in Totnes, UNITED KINGDOM. from Off-Grid Renewable Energy Product line

  • Solar Power Integrators

    The adaptability, flexibility and paper-thin profile of Ascent Solar’s modules makes it easy to directly integrate solar power into an unlimited number of consumer electronic products. Ascent Solar’s transformational technology enables the seamless integration of solar power with any device. Ascent’s best-in-class ...

    By Ascent Solar based in Thornton, COLORADO (USA).

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