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- Heat Exchanger Cleaning Technology


Specialized Heat Exchanger Cleaning using the Aqua Drill International Aqua Milling system includes: State of the art Triplex High Pressure Pumping Unit with high speed ceramic plungers, direct drive 600 HP diesel engine. Pressure range up to 22000 psi. Remotely controlled shut-down unit to cut off and re-start pressure and flow rates instantly from over 500 feet away. An additional parameter-monitoring system with 8 automatic shut-off features is located at high pressure pump unit. State of the art air operated rigid lancing system. Controlled cutting track during in/and out travel completely prevents “skipping” of wall areas. Adjustable stroke length to meet individual bundle requirements.

  • Aqua Milling proprietary jet-technology. Aqua Milling jets eliminate the use of conventional ultra high pressure. The wide angle impact jets increases cleaning efficiency more than 500% with most all scales.
  • Aqua Milling proprietary nozzle-holder technology prevents bending of lances as well as excess forces on the equipment seen with conventional lance systems. Aqua Milling nozzle holders follow the ID tube wall during advance.
  • Aqua Drill International is the recognized world leader in high pressure water controlled rotating nozzle technology applications.  All our personnel are seasoned and field trained meeting even the most stringent requirements.  Our supervisor personnel have extensive experience in executing large scale international projects, providing the most economical solutions for your specialized cleaning needs.

Aqua Drill International’s Aqua Milling technologies are “no-hands-on” operations meeting the highest safety standards available in the industry.

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