- Turbine Inlet Air Cooling (TIAC)



Carefully designed by ARANER, located inside the turbine filter house after the air cooling heat exchanger… The Turbine Inlet Air Cooling (TIAC) process could produce condensate water under certain ambient conditions and this condensate water is collected by gravity just after the air cooling heat exchanger, since air speed is not so high as to drag water drops into the gas turbine compressor. This technology ensures that this cooled air will not drag any water drop by installing ARADrops downstream the air cooling heat exchanger, increasing the turbine power output. ARADrop is specially designed so as to let the inlet air continue to the gas turbine compressor but not the possible water drops produced in the air cooling process, since they are catched due to the ARADrop’s blade geometry. This ARANER’s device makes the water drops crash with its blades and catches them with minimum air pressure drop.

  • Power augmentation with no risks for the gas turbine compressor
  • High efficiency removing any water drop contained in inlet cooled air
  • Minimum air pressure drop in order to not disturb air turbulence and ensure a proper gas turbine operation

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