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- Model 2MW - Wind Turbine -100m or 93m Rotor


The innovative design of the LARUS Compact drivetrain incorporates a simplified gearbox that reduces wear and tear on the machine, as well as drastically reduces the tower head weight of the nacelle.  The majority of wind turbine failures happen within the gearbox, the LARUS Compact® design includes a reduced number of moving parts, reducing the likelihood of damage, making it more reliable. The LARUS Compact® drivetrain was designed with up-tower repair- and replacement capability in mind. The direct gateway from the nacelle housing to the rotor hub increases the accessibility and simplicity of maintenance.

The Americanmade 2MW Wind Turbine based on German W2E engineering is ideal for single and multiturbine projects. Customers of the 2MW include farmers, manufacturers, municipalities and small business owners. Aeronautica offers the 2MW with two different rotor diameters, 93m and 100m, and four different tower options:

  • 85m monopole tower
  • 100m monopole tower
  • 117 lattice tower
  • 141 lattice tower

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