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Biogas Flares / Sludge Gas Flares


The LAMBDA biogas and sludge gas flare serves as an inspection and safety device at biogas and sludge gas plants for the thermal treatment of excess gas. Since the continuous process of gas production in these plants can only be influenced to a slight extent in the event of a failure of the utilisation plant, the LAMBDA flare safely disposes of the biogas not collected in the gas storage. This prevents odour nuisance in the surroundings and the emission of air pollutants.

The flare has a gas control and safety section which contains the measuring devices such as e.g. the pressure measurement and safety units as well as the rapid-action stop valves. Flare operation is effected via a separate switch cabinet which may be installed at the flare or separately e.g. at a building. All the signals can also be provided to a overriding process control system. The flare has three standard modes of operation. These include manual operation to control the flare as well as pressure-controlled operation depending on the upstream pressure in the gas pipe. The flare is automatically switched on and off depending on the level in the gas storage in level-controlled operation. We also of course provide individual solutions aligned to the actual conditions at a plant.

  • Performance / observance of Technical Instructions on Air Quality
  • Visible or non visible flame
  • Simple, robust construction
  • Rapid assembly
  • High performance
  • Easy to regulate in the operating range
  • Complete combustion due to premixing and high excess air

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