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With the price of energy continually rising, conserving energy is an absolute necessity. It is no longer economically viable for manufacturing or processing plants to emit clean, heat-laden exhaust into the atmosphere without first reclaiming a significant portion of that energy. CSM is in the forefront of waste heat recovery technology, transferring reclaimed heat to other parts of a plant or facility, where it can be put to good use. Our custom line of KALEX™ recuperative heat exchangers, with their fully welded stainless steel construction and up to 5-psig design, are considered the 'gold standard' for their great efficiency in recovering energy from clean, hot-air exhausts.


Noted for their highly efficient heat recovery in more than 40 years' worth of industrial applications, KALEX™ heat exchangers pre-heat the inlet VOC-laden stream by recovering heat from the clean hot exhaust of our catalytic oxidizers, thus helping to minimize operating costs. Other features include compact and modular construction and low pressure drop.

Integrating energy-saving heat recovery into our emission control systems is routine for our engineering staff. Our versatile COGEN systems provide a seamless solution to the complex challenge of engineering-in optimum emission control, air permit compliance and energy-conserving waste heat recovery. With the price of energy continuing to rise, your return-on-investment (ROI) will only get better.

In fact, using a simple skid design and a KALEX heat exchanger, it is not uncommon for CSM to save hundreds of thousands of dollars per year in wasted energy.

Your 'Free Utility'
You already pay for water, electricity, natural gas, and compressed air. Now take advantage of a 'free utility' - heat recovered from waste heat sources. We install a glycol or other heat recovery system in your plant and use it to recover BTUs from oxidizer exhaust and other waste heat sources, and provide hot glycol to low-temperature uses such as boiler feedwater pre-heating, industrial hot water, room heating, and process heating.

Catalytically Enhanced Energy Recovery Systems
For those who don't necessarily need VOC treatment or control, but already have a high-temperature exhaust stack (450 °F or higher) and would like to reap the benefits of an energy-recovery system, check out our new catalytically enhanced energy recovery system (CEERS). With CEERS, CSM catalysts can be used to burn off some of the VOCs from the hot gas and provide an additional temperature boost. At the higher temperature, more heat may be pulled off for free and distributed throughout your plant, at no extra cost to you.

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