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Flare Modification

The adaption of the flare system to the reduced gas amounts and methane contents is achieved by replacing the flare burner and reducing the combustion chamber diameter. For this purpose, the flare body is disassembled and the ceramic fibre insulation is removed in the lower section of the flare body. A reinforced base plate is then fitted in the flare body; the new thicker insulation module is then attached to this plate. Insulation modules of greater wall thickness are used to achieve a smaller combustion chamber diameter. The funnel shape of the insulation shown is due to the conversion. Further modifications are made to the ignition unit, the UV monitoring and the temperature measurement probes. The flare burner is generally replaced by a smaller one adapted to the new combustion chamber diameter. Experience has shown that an adaption of the louver air control damper by a better sealing rotating blade is necessary. In addition to the conversion of the flare, modifications to the compressor are frequently useful to cover the future control range of landfill gas extraction.

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