LAMBDA Gesellschaft für Gastechnik mbH

- High-Temperature Flare


The LAMBDA landfill gas flare is used to combust the methane or sludge gases arising from anaerobic processes in landfills.  Combustion takes place from the lower edge of the flare cap with a high level of excess air  at a temperature of at least 1,000 °C. The flare cap has inner ceramic fibre insulation which can withstand temperatures of up to 1,430 °C. Lamellar air valves ensure a constant combustion temperature. The air not required for the chemical conversion serves as cooling air. Air supply is effected by the natural draught principle. The surface turbulent burner ensures thorough mixing of the combustion air with the respective gas so that the control temperature is achieved in the lower section of the flare cap. This guarantees a homogenous temperature istribution in the combustion chamber.

The flare has a gas control and safety section which contains the measuring devices such as e.g. the pressure measurement and safety units as well as the rapid-action stop valves. Flare operation is effected via a separate switch cabinet which may be installed at the flare or separately e.g. at a building. All the signals can also be provided to a overriding process control system.

  • No visible flame
  • Simple, robust construction
  • Rapid assembly
  • High performance
  • Easy to regulate in operating range
  • Complete combustion due to mixing with high level of excess air

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