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Model future ON - Solar Storage System

Declare yourself independent from the national power grid and rising electricity prices. With a solar storage system from ASD Sonnenspeicher, photovoltaic systems have never made more sense. They benefit the environment – and save you money. Not only can you produce your own electricity, you can also use it yourself! Declare yourself independent from unpredictable electricity prices! Take some of the burden off the public power grid and help the energy revolution along!

Making solar power viable again.
Without a solar storage system, excess solar power must be sold into the public grid. This usually happens when the sun is shining, at a time of day when you’re not at home and so need less power. This means that when you are at home using your household appliances, you have to buy additional electricity. With feed-in tariffs steadily decreasing and electricity prices going up, this structure has long since lost its appeal.
The solar storage system that does the thinking for you.
Solar storage systems from ASD Sonnenspeicher aren’t just about storing power: they make financial sense, too. Not only do they provide uninterrupted three phase power at all times, but they also optimise your power consumption automatically, effectively disconnecting you from the national grid. Unless, of course, your power consumption exceeds what you’re producing – then it connects you straight back into the grid. This gives you the advantage of knowing that a zero on the electricity meter really does mean zero, and that your additional electricity costs are kept to a minimum.
Grid independence – now and in the future.
Solar storage systems from ASD Sonnenspeicher provide one of the few solutions that is independent and can even operate in remote areas. So you can rest assured of having a continuous supply, even if there’s a power cut.
The high efficiency, long service life and excellent reliability achieved through intelligent power management and LiFePO4 storage technology make ASD solar storage systems the number one choice. What’s more, the sleep mode means that the storage system will never run low – even when you’re away for extended periods.

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