Clean Energy

Clean Energy

- CNG Compressor



The UnpluggedCNG combines a proven, industry-leading  CleanCNG™ non-lubricated ‘W’ compressor block with the world’s most popular natural gas combustion engine with 200 or 300 horsepower configurations.


Reduced Electrical Power Requirement Means Cost Savings and Uptime. Natural gas powered combustion engine generates the required power for compression dramatically reducing electrical power cost and dependency on the power grid.

Ultra-High Reliability.  Proven platform combined with advanced remote monitoring options ensures the gas keeps flowing.

Proven Technology. The UnpluggedCNG builds on 25 years of engineering leadership in non-lubricated compressors using the proven CleanCNG ‘W’ Compressor Block combined with the world’s most popular natural gas combustion engines in 200 or 300 hp capacities.


Low Oil Carryover. Non-lubricated cylinders, pistons, and valves means fewer oil changes and reduced oil damage to vehicles or virtual pipeline infrastructure.

Reduced on-site maintenance costs and downtime. Peace of mind with proactive remote monitoring means fewer service emergencies and critical downtime.

Reduced Servicing Costs. Optimized compressor bay layout is designed specifically to cut installation times down on most common standard maintenance procedures.

Low-Cost Site Preparation Requirements & Commissioning Time. Several factors including less vibration and noise, heat planning and modular architecture contribute to significant efficiencies in compressor placement and required site preparation.

More Gas, Less Energy. Less cost-per-cubic-foot pumped. Improved cooling design and new ultra-high efficiency cooling reduce energy requirements per unit produced.

Simplified Engineering. Standardized units are pre-engineered to meet demands of vast majority of global markets and requirements with no additional engineering.

Clean. Lower fugitive emissions due to air actuation of control valves.

Essential Features
  • Non-lubricated cylinders, pistons, and valves for clean discharge gas (5ppm or less)
  • Reduced electrical power requirements due to natural gas combustion engine
  • Compressor layout designed for easy service
  • Electrical control (PLC/MCC panel with alarm status indicators for unattended operation)
  • Self-lubricating Teflon and/or PEEK composite piston rings and rod packings
  • High efficiency gas-to-air heat exchanger for inter-stage and discharge gas cooling
  • Lower fugitive emissions due to air actuation of control valves
  • Natural Gas Combustion Engine used as prime mover
  • Increased up time due to reduces dependence on local grid power
  • Reliable product designs that have been tried and tested
  • Modular design to allow configurability on site, and redeployment possibilities for temporary sites
  • Wide range of models to suit a variety of site requirements
  • Simplified ordering process from list of pre-engineered compressor models
  • Quicker delivery of standard equipment models

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