Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV)

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  • Photovoltaic Module
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    Photovoltaic Module


    Bangkok Solar amorphous silicon solar modules are glass-laminated and encapsulated with EVA ( Ethylene Vinyl Acetate ) to protect solar cells from moisture for their lifetime. It is perfect to use in many climatic ...

  • EVA Film For Encapsulating Solar Module
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    EVA Film For Encapsulating Solar Module

    By Hangzhou First PV Material Co., Ltd

    Firsteva® is suitable for encapsulating silicon module, thin film module and BIPV module, which uses resins of VA content 30%-33% as its main material, provided with properties of high transmission, strong adhesion ...

  • BIPV Module
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    BIPV Module

    By NexPower Technology CORP

    Lucid+ BIPV Module is the next generation for building integrated applications. Available in customized size and semi-transparent and opaque types, BIPV Module offers the architects two varieties to best fit in the ...

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  • Eco FutureLab FZE

    Eco FutureLab FZE

    G3nious generation 3 smart dynamic glazing, that changes colour to block out 99% of UV and 97% of IR , keeping your building cool, reducing the Air ...

  • Guangdong Haotech New Energy technology Co,.Ltd

    Guangdong Haotech New Energy technology Co,.Ltd

    HAOTECH GROUP established in Hongkong since 2007,mainly for new energy production producing and finacing trading service with speedy and heartes ...

  • Innovosolar Holdings Corp

    Innovosolar Holdings Corp

    INNOVOSOLAR is a multinational company that designs high-quality PV modules, implements strict quality control standards, conducts innovative R&D and ...

  • Future Power Technologies

    Future Power Tech is leading Solar Energy System Integrator based in Saudi Arabia. Utilizing High Performance, Bloomberg Top Ranked Tire 1 Solar ...

  • Bluebird Photovoltaics

    Originally specialized in aeronautics, Bluebird Photovoltaics is now capable of answering all marine or ground mobility applications demands. Though ...