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  • De Aar Solar Project

    The 50 MW De Aar solar park was submitted to Round 1 of the South African Government’s Renewable Energy Procurement Programme as part of a consortium. The project was awarded preferred bidder status by the Department under the programme and reached commercial operation date in early April, 2014. Each year the solar farm will generate sufficient electrical energy to meet the needs of ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Battery Storage Systems

    Battery Storage Systems

    Battery Storage systems are quickly becoming a crucial component of the expanding commercial solar market. This helps meet the demands on unstable grid energy, heavy cycling and irregular full recharging. Batteries convert electricity into chemical potential energy for storage and back into electrical energy as needed. They smooth out the variability of flow and store excess energy when demand is ...

Upcoming Events

  • Next-Gen Smart Grid Virtual Summit

    Next-Gen Smart Grid Virtual Summit

    The Next-Gen Smart Grid Virtual Summit is a one-day, 100% online conference that takes a deep-dive look into key opportunities and challenges facing energy providers in today's changing grid environment. Specific focus is on recent advances in smart grid technology and the latest implementation business models for ensuring grid resiliency, reliability and services flexibility. Case studies of ...