Concentrated Photovoltaics (CPV)

Articles & Whitepapers

  • Optimizing Wind and Solar Power in Africa

    Editor`s Note: The following is a news release authored by Julie Chao and issued by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory on April 5, 2017To meet skyrocketing demand for electricity, African countries may have to triple their energy output by 2030. While hydropower and fossil fuel power plants are favored approaches in some quarters, a new assessment by the Department of Energy’s Lawrence B

  • Renewable energy progress report

    What is the Renewable energy progress report and what is its purpose?The Renewable Energy Directive states that a progress report should be issued every two years. The purpose of this progress report ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Concentration Photovoltaic Test System

    Concentration Photovoltaic Test System

    Our steady state Concentration Photovoltaic Test System exceeds Class A requirements, providing research and product test possibilities that were previously not available. With ultra high collimation (half angles as low as 0.3°) and customized spectral match, offered with our multi-source option, you can finally produce the meaningful test data you need. Our system is specifically designed ...