Concentrated Solar thermal

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  • Enclosed Trough Technology
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    Enclosed Trough Technology

    By GlassPoint Solar Inc.

    GlassPoint’s enclosed trough technology uses sunshine to produce zero-carbon steam. Lightweight curved mirrors are suspended and protected inside a greenhouse. The mirrors track the sun throughout the day, ...

  • Reflection
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    By Alanod-Solar GmbH & Co. KG

    Based on our MIRO-product range which produces approx. 95% total light reflection we have developed MIRO-SUN especially for outdoor-applications. A continuous air-to-air PVD-process applies a superreflective layer ...

  • Energy Production Modules
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    Energy Production Modules

    By Texas Green Technologies LLC

    Designed using the most advanced technologies, the ULH-Series energy production modules by Texas Green Technologies are a compact, high-performance solution to exploit low temperature heat sources. Available in a range ...

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  • DESERTEC Foundation

    DESERTEC Foundation

    DESERTEC Foundation as a non-profit foundation with the aim of promoting the implementation of the global DESERTEC Concept `Clean Power from Deserts` ...

  • CSP - Ultra Lite Solar Inc.

    CSP - Ultra Lite Solar Inc.

    Ultra Lite Solar is a North American based business with representation in Europe, South America and China. Ultra Lite Solar’s core business is ...

  • eSolar


    eSolar was founded in 2007 to develop modular and scalable solar thermal power plant technology. eSolar designs and develops Concentrating Solar ...

  • Clique Solar

    Clique Solar

    Clique Solar is India's first solar boiler company. The Company is a pioneer in developing solar thermal technology for industrial process heating ...

  • BrightSource Energy, Inc.

    BrightSource Energy, Inc.

    BrightSource Energy designs, develops and deploys concentrating solar thermal technology to produce high-value steam for electric power, petroleum ...