Concentrated Solar thermal

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  • UAE’s MISP center accelerates pre-commercial tech development

    UAE’s MISP center accelerates pre-commercial tech development

    Almost three years after launching the Middle East’s first CSP plant, Masdar joined with Masdar Institute to launch late last year the region’s first CSP research and demonstration centre.Masdar Institute Solar Platform (MISP) builds around a set of unique facilities including a 100kW beam-down concentrating tower and its solar field, a hot-oil loop and thermal energy system (TES), ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Enclosed Trough Technology

    Enclosed Trough Technology

    GlassPoint’s enclosed trough technology uses sunshine to produce zero-carbon steam. Lightweight curved mirrors are suspended and protected inside a greenhouse. The mirrors track the sun throughout the day, intensely focusing its heat onto pipes containing water. The concentrated sunlight boils the water to generate steam for use in many industrial processes.