Solar Grid

Articles & Whitepapers

  • Renewable Energy is Vital for National Security and Financial Stability

    A Tipping Point, Part 2“Follow the money,” Deep Throat tells Bob Woodward in All The President’s Men. That approach often works for investigators – and for investors. But sometimes it can backfire dramatically, as when all Wall Street flocked to overpriced derivatives that collapsed in 2008.Now, some le

  • Vattenfall readies first three-way hybrid

    Vattenfall has arranged the finance to build a new hybrid project in the Netherlands, investing €35 million to add solar and battery components to an under-construction wind site.


Equipment & Solutions

  • Smarter Multi-mode Inverter

    Smarter Multi-mode Inverter

    The Selectronic SP PRO GO series of inverters carry on the SP PRO`s tradition of strong, reliable multi-mode inverters but are optimised specifically for grid connected applications. Some electricity utilities are setting limits on how much power you can export to the grid. By installing an SP PRO GO inverter, the Fixed Export Limit feature will give the Utility assurance that your system will ...