Solar Panel Cleaning

Articles & Whitepapers

  • Solar forecasting for solar cars

    Learn about how the Eclipse X solar car team uses solar forecasting in its race strategy! Solar forecasting for the Eclipse X Solar Car This week, we have a guest blog post from the Eclipse X solar car team, who are accessing the Solcast API to support their race strategy

  • How Does Solar Power Lighting Work?

    So perhaps you’re in the market for solar power lighting, and you’re curious about how it works. You’re in luck! Greenshine New Energy has a collection of over 30 years in ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Solar Street Lights

    Solar Street Lights

    The Brighta Series is ideal for solar park lighting, solar pathway lighting, solar parking lot lighting, and solar street lighting. The Brighta features a simple design: one CREE XPG LED fixture with a luminaire efficiency above 130 lumens per watt, plus one solar panel composed of mono-crystalline solar cells. The Brighta is an IES Type II lighting fixture, designating fixtures that best serve ...