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  • Application Status Of Metal Honeycomb Panel (II)

    Application Status Of Metal Honeycomb Panel (II)

    Honeycomb metal panel also has the following applications:(6) Energy. (a) Energy storage: metal honeycomb has excellent light absorption performance. Solar panels with honeycomb structure can be manufactured by using the light absorption property of honeycomb. In the heat collecting panel, the heat insulating layer adopts honeycomb sandwich structure. Honeycomb core can use paper honeycomb with ...


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  • Plate Heat Exchangers

    Plate Heat Exchangers

    The VMG heat exchangers with embossed plates can be shipped in various sizes and embossments. Furthermore, racks, plates and gaskets are available in different materials in order to comply with the food-, chemical-, petrochemical- and processing-industry’s standards, depending on the fluids used and the operating conditions.