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  • Solar Cell Thin Film Analysers: The Basics

    Global energy consumption is rapidly outstripping the available supply. When we factor in that over half of the world’s electricity is generated by non-renewables and that the global population growth remains incredibly high, concerns about the energy sector’s ability to provide for future generations seem well-founded. A gradual pivot towards renewables seems both inevitable and ...


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  • Silicon Thin-Film Cells

    Silicon Thin-Film Cells

    Silicon thin-film solar cells are based on amorphous (a-Si) or microcrystalline silicon (μc-Si). These solar cells require semiconductor layers (absorbers) of a thickness up to 2 μm. The semiconductor layers are deposited at low process temperatures on large-area, low-cost materials, primarily glass, but also on metal strip or polymer films. Sufficient absorption requires layer thicknesses ...