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  • How Clean is Clean? Defining Acceptable Cleanliness Levels

    Abstract : A key to surface finishing is a "properly" prepared surface. Defining and maintaining the surface preparation at "proper" levels is at best subjective. Often the failure of surface preparation processes is not discovered until problems, such as poor adhesion, occur down stream resulting in non-conformance due to poor surface cleanliness. To assure consistent quality of surface ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Solar Cell Tester

    Solar Cell Tester

    The solar cell tester uses different LEDS whose colors are chosen to match the spectrum and intensity of visible sunlight. The flasher is able to do freely defined light pulses ranging from 10ms to 200ms based on the solar cells. Machine performance is fourth better than the IEC 60904 class AAA class. The flash curve contains Suns-Voc evaluation, IV testing, reverse current testing and spectrum ...