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  • Caterpillar Aurora - 15 MW CHP System - Case Study

    Caterpillar Aurora - 15 MW CHP System - Case Study

    Quick Facts LOCATION: Aurora, Illinois MARKET SECTOR: Manufacturing FACILITY SIZE: 4,200,000 sq. ft. NUMBER OF WORKERS: ~2,700 CHP GENERATING CAPACITY: 15 Megawatts PRIME MOVERS: Two Solar Taurus 70 turbines INLET COOLING: Wetted-media evaporative cooling for preventing loss of capacity and efficiency during hot weather FUEL: Natural Gas HEAT RECO

  • Solar Basics: Roof-Mounted Vs. Ground-Mounted

    When a business goes solar, one major decision is the type of system that is best for the site: roof-mounted or ground-mounted? In this blog, we will break down some of the major distinctions and ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Solar Lighting System

    Solar Lighting System

    The Porta is a portable solar lighting system used for temporary parking lots, construction sites, outdoor/seasonal concert/fair venues, temporary roadways, and leased property. The Porta system comes in 20W, 30W and 40W, 20′ pole with both single and dual fixtures. The Porta is also Dark Sky Friendly.