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    Small Wind Turbines

    By Bornay

    Bornay windturbines have been pioneers in harnesing the power of the wind, in getting energy to places where there is none. Bee 800 swt is designed to work in parallel with solar systems. The combination of a wind ...

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  • Ergycon


    Our Society is producer of the innovative small wind turbine ELY50 of 50 kw, entirely designed and manufactured by us, in ITALY. The turbine is being ...



    In the spring of 2007, Mike Berdan and Tom Carbone took on a task to develop a new Small Wind System for the emerging small energy industry. The goal ...

  • JJAPAS Traders

    JJAPAS Traders

    Traders JJAPAS was born along with the growing demand for renewable energy and environmental and ecological awareness by consumers. JJPAS Traders is ...

  • Turbowind Energy

    Turbowind Energy

    Turbowind Energy is proud to be the exclusive supplier of Turbowinds medium wind turbines. We bring expertise in the wind industry, power generation, ...

  • ROPATEC Srl.

    ROPATEC Srl.

    The history of Ropatec S.r.l. of Bolzano is an example of how a small company that invests in technology can become a market leader in a few years. ...