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  • Wind Turbine generator PMG

    Wind Turbine generator PMG

    Freedom PMG Specifications:·       17 mm stainless steel shaft and Solar hubs and blade sets·       Custom hub spacer/stabilizer with keyway and bolts for attaching to blade hubs, can also provide base on customized.·       Double nickel and zinc plated 14 rare earth neodymium

  • Predictable Wind Power

    Maximizing value by peering into the futureWind power is variable, but predictable!Let’s not beat around the bush: wind power is variable.  Output power of a wind turbine varies with the ...


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  • Protection & Monitoring Solutions for Wind Energy

    Protection & Monitoring Solutions for Wind Energy

    Raycap has ideal solutions that ensure that sensitive wind turbine electronics are protected from electrical surges associated with lightning strikes. From its highly effective surge protection technologies to its state-of-the-art monitoring and measuring devices, Raycap equipment will provide uninterrupted protection of electronic equipment against lightning surges.