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Articles & Whitepapers

  • Biomass gasification solution in Schwarze Pumpe, Germany

    ZeroPoint’s biomass gasification solution produces carbon negative heat and power at a project site in Schwarze Pumpe, Germany. The project has successfully integrated the biomass gasifier with the gas engine, synchronized with local distribution grid, generated power on the grid to secure a 20-year power purchase price and performed engine emissions testing to confirm environmental ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Gas Flare Systems

    Gas Flare Systems

    FlareWell® waste gas burners form part the anaerobic digestion process. FlareWell is designed to burn gas from the digestion process in excess of the gas necessary for the sludge heating system. The burner is automatic in operation and uses digester gas and/or LPG for pilot supply.

Upcoming Events

  • US Biogas - 2020

    US Biogas - 2020

    The US Biogas Conference and Exhibition is bringing together 350 executives from all over U.S. and beyond to share their know-how on how to monetize biogas-RNG production. Being there means that you will network with the whole biogas-RNG universe: developers, municipalities, feedstock owners, energy producers, fleet operators, refineries and their supply chain.