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Air Assisted Flares



Air assisted flares enable the smokeless combustion of low pressure waste gases. Air (or Gas) assisted flares can be used when no steam is available on site. Air assisted flares use forced draft Air or Gas to create turbulence ensuring that sufficient primary combustion air is supplied to the flame. The amount of air and hence the size of the tip and riser depend on the degree of smokeless operation required and the maximum flow for smokeless operation.

  • Proprietary design to maximize the mixing of waste gas and air streams and to create turbulence in the combustion zone.
  • Variable speed fans, to supply the optimal amount of Air (Gas)
  • Use of wind deflectors if required, to prevent flame impingement
  • Flame holders around the periphery of the flare tip to ensure stable operation.
  • Use of high grade alloys to enhance lifetime of the flare tip.
  • The use of combustion/mixing air to cool the flare tip and thus enhance its lifetime

  • Smokeless operation under a wide range of operating conditions
  • Smokeless flaring of high molecular weight gases
  • Air cooling of the flare tip, resulting in longer lifetime and lower operation and maintenance costs
  • Reduced radiant heat for a given capacity

  • Upstream oil & gas sector
  • Chemical and petrochemical industries including refineries
  • Tank farms and terminals
  • Pipeline transport
  • LNG and NG terminals and compressor stations

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