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- Model 97301T - Waste Gas Burner with Touch Screen Control Panel



Designed for complete automatic operation of the entire Flare System, The Shand & Jurs Biogas 97301T Waste Gas Burner and Touch Screen Control Box are designed to combust biogases generated in fermentation processes. It efficiently incinerates low BTU gases from anaerobic digesters, lagoons, and municipal landfills, minimizing odors and VOC's. The stoichiometric pilot ensures that a proper air to fuel mixture is maintained throughout the wide range of pressure and BTU fluctuations. A continuous burning pilot in the flame area provides stable, controlled, nonsmoking, combustion.

The 97301T is designed to withstand wind speeds up to 150mph as well as seismic zone 4 loads. Its stainless steel components endure the severest of process environments. The burner tip is designed with swirl inducers that create a cyclonic effect producing an efficient air/fuel mixture and maximizes flame retention. The wind shroud induces sufficient air to the flare tip for proper mixing and combustion throughout the operating range.

Paired with a touch screen control box, the flare is designed for automatic operation and gives the operator more flexibility in controlling the system. The Control Box can also be connected to a local PLC.

The Pilot Control Box utilizes state of the art electronics and instrumentation for safe operation. Pilot controls are enclosed in a NEMA 4, carbon steel, electrical enclosure (NEMA 4X, 304 or 316 optional). For automatic operation, the flare's pilot can be designed to operate only during initial startup or continuously. The Pilot Control Box includes a dry contact input for Remote Start from a SCADA system or a pressure switch. A standard system uses a PLC which can be wired to the SCADA system. The control box also includes Contact Status outputs for Alarm and Flame Proven.

The auto-ignition sequence is started by the closing of the remote start contact or pressure switch contact. This will indicate that the gas pressure limit has been reached and flaring of excess gas should begin. The operation of the burner will continue until the contact opens.

  • High Performance Stoichiometric Pilot
  • Touch Screen Control Panel
  • Sizes 2' Through 12'
  • Burns High Flow, Low BTU 'Wet' Methane
  • Stainless Steel Flame Area
  • Superior Pilot Wind Protection
  • Solid State Controls
  • Specification Inquiry

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