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biomass technology services

  • Feasibility Study Services

    Barden carries out a feasibility study in the initial stages of each project. Here, we look at the heating requirements of your business and do a site assessment to establish if biomass heating is a viable option. Our experienced, approachable assessment team makes this part of the process as straight forward as possible, allowing you to make ...

    By Barden Energy Limited based in Carnforth, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Services

    Our extensive services extend far beyond the completion of your VAS system. As soon as construction is complete, our first-class customer service team – comprising highly motivated and experienced specialists – are at your disposal with advice and support at all times.  We look forward to receiving your enquiry, and we will gladly ...

    By VAS Energy Systems GmbH based in Wals-Siezenheim, AUSTRIA.

  • Quick Scan & Feasibility Study Services

    Feasibility studies assess the technical, environmental, logistical, financial, economic and organizational possibilities to realize bio-energy plants. These studies range from a “quick scan” that briefly assesses bio-energy options at a given site or in a certain region, to comprehensive pre-investments studies assessing all relevant ...

    By BTG Biomass Technology Group based in Enschede, NETHERLANDS.

  • Biomass Gasification

    Description of the biomass CHP technology based on biomass gasification The objective of the thermo-chemical biomass gasification process is the best possible conversion of solid biomass fuels into a high calorific product gas. Thereby, biomass reacts with a fumigator (air, oxygen, steam or CO2), which provide oxygen for the process. Due to the ...


  • Stirling Engine

    Within the scope of a R+D&D (research, development and demonstration) cooperation a small-scale CHP technology with a 35 kWel and a 70 kWel Stirling engine for biomass fuels has been designed. A 35 kWel pilot plant was put into operation in 2002 and was successfully tested for more than 10,000 hours. A second pilot plant with a 70 kWel engine ...


  • Power Generation Services

    This communication is to announce a new technology for waste and biomass combustion. This technology was developed to overcome problems associated with burning difficult combinations of feedstock fuels such as biomass, solid wastes or agri-residue, for heating or for power generation. This new system is well suited for utilizing various household ...

    By Advanced Alternative Energy based in Lawrence, KANSAS (USA).

  • Current EU projects

    EU-UltraLowDustNext generation small-scale biomass combustion technologies with ultra-low emissionsEU-SUNSTORE 4Innovative, multi-applicable and cost efficient hybrid solar (55%) and biomass energy (45%) large scale (district) heating system with long term heat storage and organic Rankine cycle electricity productionSECTORProduction of Solid ...


  • Energy from Waste Services

    Axion is ideally positioned to commercialise innovative technologies to convert waste biomass into biofuels. We have developed energy from waste processes that have been rigorously assessed on technical, commercial and feasibility basis. The technologies are based on both commercially available and in-house innovative unit operations.

    By Axion Group based in Hanwell, UNITED KINGDOM. from Consulting Services Service line

  • Steam Turbine

    Description of the biomass CHP technology based on a steam turbine process: The CHP technology based on a steam turbine process represents a field-tested large-scale application (>2 MWel) in the field of electricity production from solid biomass. The process of generating electricity from steam comprises following parts: a firing subsystem ...


  • Technology evaluation

    Technology evaluation: based on previous work in the biomass sector and in concert with other experts, ENVINT provides market assessments for emerging technologies, as well as technological and economic evaluations, energy and emissions balances.

    By ENVINT Consulting based in Terrebonne, QUEBEC (CANADA).

  • Green Tech Services

    New technologies must be developed and applied to the rapidly growing GreenTech Energy market, which provides clean, sustainable energy worldwide. For many years, MPR has been involved in these types of technologies: wind, biomass, solar, geothermal, hydroelectric, biogas, energy storage, energy efficiency, and smart grid technology.

    By MPR Associates based in Alexandria, VIRGINIA (USA). from Energy Services Service line

  • Ash Utilisation

    The services offered by BIOS regarding ash utilisation are: - Performance of R+D projects for the practical utilisation of biomass ash - Chemical analysis of biomass ash, characterization and evaluation of utilisation possibilities - Implementation of concepts for fractionated heavy metal separation in biomass combustion plants - Preparation of ...


  • Offering Services

    Bioendev offers patented torrefaction technology for Greenfield turnkey torrefaction pellet plants and retrofitted conventional white pellet plants with the capacity from 30-200 kton/year to customers who wants to solve the problems that exist with coal-usage or conventional biomass.  The torrefaction technology can handle a wide range of raw ...

    By Bioendev AB based in Holmsund, SWEDEN.

  • Biomass Resource Assessments Services

    Biomass resource assessments provide insight in the amount of residues, wastes and energy crops that are available for bioenergy generation. BTG performs resource assessments on sectoral, regional, national and international level. Moreover, BTG regularly carries out biomass resource assessments for local governments and companies that seek to ...

    By BTG Biomass Technology Group based in Enschede, NETHERLANDS.

  • Technical Advise Services

    Supplying technical advice is among the core activities of BTG consultants. Clients may have a certain type of biomass, and wish to know the best way of using it for energy purposes. Can it be used for the production of heat and/or electricity, or is it better to process it into solid or liquid biofuels? Which technology is the most suitable, and ...

    By BTG Biomass Technology Group based in Enschede, NETHERLANDS.

  • Project Development Support

    The project development cycle includes a variety of activities, from identification, studies, financing to implementation. BTG has experience with all the different aspects of project development, resulting from the many bioenergy projects that have been implemented over the years.

    By BTG Biomass Technology Group based in Enschede, NETHERLANDS.

  • Scenario & Policy Studies Services

    The increasing need to improve the sustainability of our energy supply calls for the development of policy and policy measures for the promotion and support of bioenergy. BTG helps local, national and supra-national governments, but also NGO’s and large companies, with the development of such policies. Examples of services include scenario ...

    By BTG Biomass Technology Group based in Enschede, NETHERLANDS.

  • Market Studies Services

    Up-to date information on the market for bio-energy is a must for any investment plan. For bioenergy, several different market aspects can be distinguished.

    By BTG Biomass Technology Group based in Enschede, NETHERLANDS.

  • ORC Process

    Description of the ORC technology for biomass Combined Heat and Power plants as well as further possibilities for process integration: The ORC technology is based on a long term development with the aim to efficiently use solar energy, geothermal energy as well as energy from biomass in decentralised units. The principle of electricity generation ...


  • Consulting Services

    With our consulting services we address the technology contractor and investors as well as banks, public organisations, and sponsor agencies. In this context provide studies and expertise. Our services include: Bio mass combustion and energy use: sub-area small combustion (< 500 kW thermal, sub-area medium-size and large combustion. ...

    By BIOENERGY 2020+ GmbH based in Graz, AUSTRIA.

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