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  • Standing Intake Gate
    Showcase Product

    Standing Intake Gate

    By AFI Hydro Inc.

    Also known as head gate, is located upstream ahead of a hydroelectric facility’s turbine. Head gates shut off water flow through the turbine for emergencies. They are critical to hydroelectric facilities.

  • Control and Automation Systems
    Showcase Product

    Control and Automation Systems

    By JLA & Co Sprl

    The “Automation & Control” department at JLA & Co is able to support you with the automation of your hydroelectric power plant, including: Electronic speed control with remote-control turbine gates.

Upcoming events

  • HYDRO - 2019
    Showcase Event

    HYDRO - 2019

    By Aqua~Media International Ltd.

    The HYDRO 2019 Technical Exhibition will showcase more than 180 companies active in the fields of hydropower and dam engineering. All refreshment breaks will take place in the exhibition area, and a Networking Evening ...

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  • PennWell Corporation

    PennWell Corporation

    Since 1910 PennWell has been known for providing comprehensive coverage of global strategic markets. The Company began by publishing a single weekly ...

  • ClearPower North America

    ClearPower North America

    ClearPower’s innovative technology harvests energy from water intensive customers, generating renewable electricity from the water already flowing ...

  • Hydro Power Services, LLC

    Hydro Power Services, LLC

    Hydro Power Services, LLC is a service contractor specializing in field maintenance and repair within the hydro industry. Our mission is to provide ...

  • CKD Blansko Holding, a.s.

    CKD Blansko Holding, a.s.

    Blansko factory Hydro water turbines have been produced since 1904. During this time CKD Blansko gained a strong position among suppliers of ...

  • Hafslund ASA

    Hafslund ASA

    Hafslund ASA is a Norwegian company listed on Oslo Børs and is one of the largest listed utility companies in the Nordic area.Hafslund Varme is ...