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  • Hydropower
    Showcase Product


    By Vattenfall AB

    Hydro power harnesses the energy present in the movement of water, and is by far the leading renewable energy source in the EU. According to the sector association Eurelectric, hydro power accounted for approximately 16 ...

  • Medium Head Turbine
    Showcase Product

    Medium Head Turbine

    By Nautilus LLC

    The Nautilus CMC Medium Head (CMC-MH) style turbine has been produced in the U.S. since the early 1900’s. This simple regulated Francis turbine is designed for heads of 3m to 12m and develops a maximum electrical ...

Upcoming events

  • HYDRO - 2019
    Showcase Event

    HYDRO - 2019

    By Aqua~Media International Ltd.

    The HYDRO 2019 Technical Exhibition will showcase more than 180 companies active in the fields of hydropower and dam engineering. All refreshment breaks will take place in the exhibition area, and a Networking Evening ...

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  • PennWell Corporation

    PennWell Corporation

    Since 1910 PennWell has been known for providing comprehensive coverage of global strategic markets. The Company began by publishing a single weekly ...

  • Canadian Hydropower Association (CHA)

    Canadian Hydropower Association (CHA)

    Founded in 1998, the Canadian Hydropower Association (CHA) is the national trade association dedicated to representing the interests of the ...

  • Northbrook Energy

    Northbrook Energy

    Northbrook Energy is a privately held, independent power producer which owns and operates assets in the renewable, hydroelectric energy market. ...

  • The James Leffel & Company

    The James Leffel & Company

    The James Leffel & Co. has specialized in the design and manufacture of hydraulic turbines in a wide range of capacities and types. We are the ...

  • Shenyang Getai Hydropower Equipment Co.,Ltd.

    SHENYANG GETAI HYDROPOWER EQUIPMENT CO., LTD. is located in Shenyang City, the old Northeastern industrial base of China. GETAI is a ...