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  • Transmitter for Level Measurement Using Ultrasonic Sensors
    Showcase Product

    Transmitter for Level Measurement Using Ultrasonic Sensors

    By NIVUS GmbH

    The NivuMaster series transmitters supply connected P-Series sensors, process measurement values and indicate readings. NivuMaster transmitters are ideally suitable for simple control tasks in level measurement ...

  • Fix Installation Flow Meter
    Showcase Product

    Fix Installation Flow Meter

    By NIVUS GmbH

    NivuSonic is a fix installation flow meter for continuous flow measurement and storage of recorded measurement values. It can be used in clean to slightly polluted media. The flow measurement system is designed for use ...

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  • HYDRO - 2018
    Showcase Event

    HYDRO - 2018

    By Aqua Media International Ltd

    Experts from more than 80 countries will assemble to focus on topics such as: technical innovation; hydro potential and development opportunities; financial challenges; cross-border collaboration; the role and benefits ...

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