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  • Position Analog Transmitter - Shaft Encoder
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    Position Analog Transmitter - Shaft Encoder

    By Stevens Water Monitoring Systems, Inc.

    The Position Analog Transmitter (PAT) is a stand-alone water level shaft encoder. The PAT is ideal for industrial and hydropower applications with a 4-20 mA output. A precision potentiometer is the measuring element, ...

  • Fix Installation Flow Meter
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    Fix Installation Flow Meter

    By NIVUS GmbH

    NivuSonic is a fix installation flow meter for continuous flow measurement and storage of recorded measurement values. It can be used in clean to slightly polluted media. The flow measurement system is designed for use ...

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  • Viennahydro 2018
    Showcase Event

    Viennahydro 2018

    By PennWell Corporation

    The Institute for “Energy Systems and Thermodynamics, RG Fluid-Flow Machinery” proudly announces the anniversary event in 2018. 40 years of Industry and Academic Engagement has to be celebrated. The ...

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