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Hydropower Turbines equipment for Hydro Energy

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    CECO Peerless - Secondary Separators within Nuclear Reactor Vessels (Boiling Water Reactor Plants)

    A boiling water reactor, or BWR, is a nuclear reactor used to produce electrical power. Its reactor core heats the water, which then turns to steam to power a steam turbine. The Peerless brand Secondary Separator within Nuclear Reactor Vessels (Boiling Water Reactor Plants), or “steam dryer”, is used as the final stage of water ...

    By CECO Environmental based in Dallas, TEXAS (USA). from CECO Peerless - Nuclear Power Separators Product line

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    CECO Peerless - Secondary Separators within Nuclear Steam Generator Vessels (Pressurized Water Reactor Plants)

    In a steam generator vessel or pressurized water reactor (PWR) plant, the reactor core heats water without boiling, and exchanges heat with a lower pressure water system, which will then turn to stream to power the turbine. The Peerless brand Secondary Separator within Nuclear Steam Generator Vessels (Pressurized Water Reactor Plants) or ...

    By CECO Environmental based in Dallas, TEXAS (USA). from CECO Peerless - Nuclear Power Separators Product line

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    Landustrie Landy - Hydropower Screw Turbines

    The new range of the Landustrie screw pump covers the hydropower screw turbines. An efficient use of water power is already achieved at a level difference of 1 meter and a capacity of 500 l/sec. The largest capacity and level difference for hydropower screws is as much as 15000 l/sec. at 10 meter.

    By Landustrie Sneek BV based in Sneek, NETHERLANDS. from Hydropower Product line

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    Inciner8 - Model ORC - Organic Ranking Cycle Engine

    ORC technology is based on the widely known and proven Rankine Cycle principle. It was named after William John Macquorn Rankine, a Scottish polymath and Glasgow University professor. The Rankine cycle is a cycle that converts heat into energy. The heat is supplied externally to a closed loop.

    By Inciner8 Limited based in Southport, UNITED KINGDOM. from Waste to Energy Product line

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    SpectrOil - Model M/F-W - Fuel Analyzer

    The SpectrOil M/F-W has become the standard instrument when on-site and immediate fuel analysis is a necessity. It fulfills the requirements of ASTM D 6728, Standard Test Method for Determination of Contaminants in Gas Turbine and Diesel Engine Fuel by Rotating Disc Electrode Atomic Emission Spectrometry.

    By Spectro Scientific based in Chelmsford, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Other Fluid Analyzers Product line

  • Thermo-Electric Power Plants

    Turbine and air cooling system. Generator. Boilers. Cooling tower. Water undertaking and treatment. Command, control, protection and ancillary systems.

    By Bureau Brasileiro Ltda (BBL) based in Sao Paulo, BRAZIL.

  • Double Flanged Sleeve Valves

    They allow a very high upstream pressure loss, without any risk of critical phenomena (cavitation, vibration, noise) even with little downstream head pressure. They are also used as synchronous discharge tool for turbine plants (mainly Pelton or Francis turbines) because they are able to work in high pressure condition. The discharge is carried ...

    By F.Nencini Srl based in Colle di Val d’Elsa (SI), ITALY.

  • FEROFORM - Model T814 - Composite Material

    FEROFORM T814 is a composite material made from woven fibre bonded with resin with PTFE as a friction modifier.

    By Tenmat ltd based in Manchester, UNITED KINGDOM. from FEROFORM Product line

  • Apollo - Model RN4 - Turbine Flowmeter

    This flanged range of flowmeters will provide you with a highly accurate way of measuring liquids over the range of 1 to 18,000 litres/min.

    By Apollo Flow Measurement Ltd. based in Walsall, UNITED KINGDOM. from Flowmeters Product line

  • ESD - Stream Engine Machine

    The design to the right shows the basic set-up for a stream engine machine. Water is channelled into a pipeline and then sent downstream through the piping where it passes through the turbine and then returns back to the source of water. The stream engine can operate at heads of about 3 metres (10 feet) and upward. The general formula for ...

    By Energy Systems & Design (ES&D) based in Sussex, NEW BRUNSWICK (CANADA).

  • Model 22 kW - High Speed Cavitation Disperser

    Heavy duty construction. Available in both Mechanical and Inverter Variable speed drives motor increased safety for hazardous locations to Class 1 Zone 1 requirements. Typical working Speed range 500-2000 rpm with speed indication. High performance stainless steel 300 or 350mm diameter cavitation rotor with rotor bosses & nut. Disperser head ...

    By Onslow Engineering Pty Ltd. based in Wetherill Park, AUSTRALIA. from Dispersers Product line

  • Reivax - Model RTVX - Integrated Systems

    The Integrated Voltage and Speed Regulation RTVX Power Systems were developed to integrate the voltage regulation system and speed governor system, optimizing the signals and resources. The RTVX Power performs all supervision, control, and automation functions related to the generating unit, and can be fully customized meet the most demanding ...

    By Reivax North America, Inc. based in Montréal, CANADA. from Integrated System Product line

  • Governor

    Governor is a device designed and used to adjusting the guide vane opening of turbine or blade angle of kaplan turbine. It has manual operation, electrical & manual operation, and micro-computer hydraulic operation governor etc. Our company is able to supply different kinds of governor as per clients’ requirement.

  • ESPE - Hydraulic Turbines Machine

    The hydraulic turbine is a machine that turns hydraulic energy into mechanical energy, with a conversion yield of approximately 90%. This mechanical energy is then converted into electrical energy by means of an alternator. ESPE turbines are directly engineered by our R&D Department. ESPE manages, checks and supervises the entire production ...

    By ESPE Group based in Grantorto (PD), ITALY. from Hydroelectric Product line

  • Model CMC-ULH - Ultra Low Head Turbine

    The regulated CMC Ultra Low Head turbine (CMC-ULH) operates in a similar power range as the 660-ULH in an open flume and produces up to 1500 watts. The CMC offers better part gate regulation and efficiency than the other cylinder gate Nautilus models.

    By Nautilus LLC based in Greenfield, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Ultra Low Head Turbines Product line

  • Pelton Turbines

    Compact Pelton Turbines - from 10 kW to 7 MW  Head range - from H=20 m to H=1000 m. Compact Pelton turbine for medium and high heads applications. Feel the power with 90 % efficiency

    By Hydro Energy Michal Twardziszewski based in Jelenia Góra, POLAND.

  • HIDROPOWER d.o.o. - Francis Turbines

    • Spiral Francis turbines; head up to 200m• Open-flume Francis turbines; head from 1.5m up to 10m• Horizontal or vertical axis• Runner is fitted to the generator shaft or a 4-bearing turbine-generator arrangement• Runner welded or CNC manufactured from high grade, wear-resistant stainless steel• Complete range of specific speed runner designs for ...

    By HIDROPOWER d.o.o. based in SLOVENIA.

  • Afton - Model PRT - Pelton Turbine

    The Model PRT has been developed in addition to the Model ATP, which was introduced in 1981. The purpose of the PRT is to achieve higher recovery efficiencies and to simplify the design. The Model PRT will achieve efficiencies of 85% and higher depending upon the operating conditions. The Afton Pump power recovery turbine is of high quality and ...

    By Afton Pumps Inc. based in Houston, TEXAS (USA).

  • Getai - CNC Machining Pelton Runner

    The whole forging CNC machining Pelton runner develops with our years of high head Pelton runner manufacture experience, the runner blank is forged entirely (usually by material ASTM A473 S41500) to ensure the material reliability, which followed with the complete CNC machining to improve the runner bucket consistency, line type precision and ...

    By Shenyang Getai Hydropower Equipment Co.,Ltd based in Yuhong District, Shenyang, CHINA. from Pelton Turbine - CNC Machining Pelton Runner Product line

  • Getai - Francis Turbine Runner

    Francis Turbine Runner is consisted of Crown, Band and Vanes which featured by hydraulic profile.

    By Shenyang Getai Hydropower Equipment Co.,Ltd based in Yuhong District, Shenyang, CHINA. from Francis Turbine - Francis Turbine Runner Product line

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