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Hydropower equipment for Hydro Energy

  • Heidemann - Refurbished Turbines

    After World War II when the energy demand in Germany rose constantly the nuclear-energy-focused policies of the larger energy concerns were concentrated on eliminating small and smallest competitors. In addition in the 1950s and 1960s many mills and factories that had operated own hydropower stations were closed down or did not carry on operation ...

    By Heidemann Wasserkraftanlagen based in Burladingen, GERMANY.

  • JLA - Control and Automation Systems

    The “Automation & Control” department at JLA & Co is able to support you with the automation of your hydroelectric power plant, including: Electronic speed control with remote-control turbine gates.

    By JLA & Co Sprl based in Marchin (Belgique), BELGIUM.

  • AFI - Standing Intake Gate

    Also known as head gate, is located upstream ahead of a hydroelectric facility’s turbine. Head gates shut off water flow through the turbine for emergencies. They are critical to hydroelectric facilities.

    By AFI Hydro Inc. based in Paris, ONTARIO (CANADA).

  • Segregated Phase Bus Systems

    AZZ’s segregated phase bus systems are built to deliver decades of reliable service in some of the most hostile environments. AZZ segregated phase bus represent an innovative design that provides effective performance and low maintenance. With voltages ranging from 600 volts to 38kV and ampere ratings up to 10,000 amps, this design utilizes ...

    By AZZ Inc. based in Fort Worth,, TEXAS (USA). from Segregated Phase Bus Systems Product line

  • Lahmeyer - Hydroelectric Power Plants

    The history of water power utilization may be traced back to more than 3,500 years ago. Due to its environmental compatibility and reliability, this inexhaustible power source remains very promising for the future. Hydroelectric power plants require a wide variety of specialist planning, design and supervision services which Lahmeyer Hydroprojekt ...

    By Lahmeyer Hydroprojekt GmbH based in Weimar, GERMANY.

  • SMART - Free StreamTurbine

    This turbine is installed on the bed of the river or canal. Especially suitable for installation in canals or behind traditional hydro power plants.

    By Smart Hydro Power GmbH based in Feldafing (Garatshausen), GERMANY. from Free StreamTurbine Product line

  • JSC ELEM - Hydro Plants

    The water energy presents one of the first energies used by the humans in its history. Since the 4th century before Christ has started the utilization of the water energy in purpose of moving the mill wheel, and later with the progress of the science and the technique, starts the construction of the first hydro power plants (year 1882, on the ...

    By JSC ELEM (Macedonian power plants) based in Skopje, MACEDONIA.

  • Gamesa Electric - Electrical Generators

    The hydroelectric sector is characterised by a high level of customisation, as each power station must be optimised according to the hydroelectric resource available and the configuration of the installation.

    By Gamesa Electric based in Zamudio, SPAIN.

  • EGP - Hydroelectric Power Services

    The generation of hydroelectric energy occupies the first place at a global level. In Europe the hydroelectric potential is now being entirely utilised. This is why, Enel Green Power is now concentrating on run-of-river hydro power, a type of system that, despite having a limited unit power, can give a significant contribution to the demand of ...

    By Enel Green Power SpA based in Rome, ITALY.

  • Energy Transmission Lines

    Transmission lines allow power to be produced in the optimal location but to be consumed where it is required, transporting it in an efficient and instantaneous way. Abengoa is an international leader in the construction of transmission lines and one of the leading private concession holders of lines in Latin America.

    By Abengoa based in Palmas Altas, SPAIN.

  • Servomotors

    Wagstaff Applied Technologies performs complete rebuild services for hydropower servomotors.  Expert technicians disassemble, clean, rebuild, and test each unit. 

    By Wagstaff Applied Technologies - a division of Wagstaff, Inc. based in Spokane Valley, WASHINGTON (USA).

  • Hydraulic Systems

    Through its own operating structures and using its own resources and at times external partners, STE energy realizes and builds mechanical and hydraulic systems to be used in hydropower plants and in pumping stations, as it also has the qualifications with the major utilities.

    By Sorgent.e Srl based in Padova, ITALY. from Hydraulic Systems Product line

  • NHE - Micro and Mini Hydroelectric System

    In NHE we define hydroelectric installations with a generating capability per turbine of less than 100kW as 'Micro Hydro' and from 101 - 1,000kW as 'Mini Hydro'. We have management capability and experience to carry out complete projects in the Micro Hydro range and single unit projects in the Mini Hydro range.  Alternatively we can provide ...

    By Nepal Hydro & Electric Limited based in Butwal, NEPAL.

  • ADDNEW - Model generator - Hydro horizontal generator

    ADDNEW's Generators and Excitation Systems' unit-capacity ranges are from 100KW-100MW with both Horizontal and Vertical types. The Generator Control and Protection Systems with micro-computers widely apply to high-voltage and low-voltage controlling systems and the automation of the whole hydropower station or plant. Auxiliary electrical ...

    By Addnew Hydropower Limited based in Changsha, CHINA.

  • Three Phase Synchronous Generators

    The brushless, electronically controlled version of the AEM synchronous generator with integrated AEM voltage regulator (AVR) meets the highest standards in terms of technical parameters, performance, reliability and ease of maintenance. These machines are used worldwide for applications which include the on-board power supply on ships, hydropower ...

    By AEM - Anhaltische Elektromotorenwerk Dessau GmbH based in Dessau-Roßlau, GERMANY. from Three Phase Synchronous Generators Product line

  • Control Systems

    We develop products tailored to best meet the need. On specific customer request we can adapt to any brand of equipment. Generally we select only the material available on the local market. Our systems are adapted to the destination country and comply with IEC-62270 (Hydroelectric power plant automation - Guide for computer-based control). PLC, ...

    By Encosyst based in 31800 Labarthe Inard, FRANCE.

  • GE - Bulb Hydro Turbine

    Unrivaled power capacity ratio for low heads. With more than 300 bulb units installed worldwide, GE brings expertise in design, manufacturing, installation, commissioning and management of complex bulb projects, for a wide range of environmental conditions. The term 'Bulb' describes the shape of the upstream watertight casing which contains a ...

    By GE Renewable Energy based in Paris, FRANCE. from Bulb Hydro Turbine Product line

  • NeerGen - Hydro Energy Generators

    Hydro energy is available in many forms, potential energy from high heads of water retained in dams, kinetic energy from current flow in rivers and tidal barrages, and kinetic energy also from the movement of waves on relatively static water masses. Many ingenious ways have been developed for harnessing this energy but most involve directing the ...

    By HIT India based in Pune , INDIA.

  • SMART Monofloat - Turbine for Rivers

    This turbine is designed for rivers, featuring a reinforced debris protection and a patented anchoring system. The anchoring can be done at the bottom of the river, at a bridge support, or at a block on the side of a river.

    By Smart Hydro Power GmbH based in Feldafing (Garatshausen), GERMANY. from Turbine for Rivers Product line

  • Wicket Gates

    Wagstaff Applied Technologies provides new and reconditioned wicket gates manufactured to customer specifications.  For reconditioned wicket gates, Wagstaff AT performs welding operations per AWS or ASME codes, using an established suite of welding procedures. Wicket Gate machining operations take place primarily on a Geminis GT-5 CNC Lathe, ...

    By Wagstaff Applied Technologies - a division of Wagstaff, Inc. based in Spokane Valley, WASHINGTON (USA).

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