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Utility Flares



Utility Flares (Pipe Flares) are the most basic flare design available, to provide a robust, reliable and flexible solution for the flaring of large volumes of low pressure waste gas when smokeless operation is either not required or can be achieved without an assisting medium (like steam, air or gas). Reliable operation at both full load and partial load is possible.

  • Flame holders fitted on the periphery of the flare tip ensure stable operation. These flame holders provide a zone of recirculated flue gases, which prevent flame lift off, from the flare tip.
  • Wind deflectors to prevent flame impingement, which prevent a low pressure zone, downwind of the tip.
  • Pilot burner arrangement to further stabilise the flame.
  • Use of high grade alloys to enhance lifetime of the flare tip
  • Use of dynamic seal to reduce purge gas requirements and prevent flash back.

  • Low investment and operational costs
  • Low maintenance costs with the use of high grade alloys and the robust design.
  • Reliable and stable flaring in a wide range of operating conditions
  • Large turn-down ratio

  • Upstream oil & gas sector
  • LNG terminals and NG compression stations
  • Chemical and petrochemical industries including refineries
  • Food processing industries
  • Municipal solid waste treatment (biogas and landfill gas) plants
  • Temperature controlled combustors and thermal oxidisers.

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