Thermal energy storage systems for gas engines - Energy

Usually gas engine work in a Virtual Power Plant system. It means that the electricity generation is more important than the heat generation, so the heat generation is fluctuating and it is different in time than the needs of the heat.Besides, that the biggest problem with gas engines is that after they stop there is a huge amount of heat still in the overheated material of the engine (latent heat) and usually it can not be used because of the water temperature would be too low.

Pain points

Usually our customers are facing with following difficulties:

Delay in heat generation and usage

The heat generation and the need for the heat are different in time.

Low efficiency

After the gas engine stops, there is a huge amount of heat still in the overheated material which can not be used.

The solution

When the heat generation of the gas engine is too high or there is no need for the heat, HeatTank can store it for later usage.When the engine operates, the steel structure heats up to 150-200 °C. When it is turned off, the heat remains in the structure. A huge amount of that heat could be recovered from the steel structure but its temperature would be too low to be used for heating. HeatTank makes it possible to recover the heat from the engine by increasing the temperature of the stored heat.

Save the remanent heat

Store and use the extra heat later also use the heat which is stored in the material of the engine.

Top performance

High performance and fast availability. Stores in different temperature levels..

Environmentally friendly

Environmentally friendly materials.


Concentrated thermal energy storage. 60% smaller than the traditional water storage and has an innovative rectangular shape to save space.

Remote control

Visualized energy reports on monthly base to follow the energy saving.